Creating Connections-Guide for Educational Facility Planning

Creating Connections-Guide for Educational Facility Planning
About the Guide

The Guide is not meant to be exhaustive. Each chapter provides a basic foundation of knowledge about its subject area. An extensive bibliography is included for those seeking more in-depth information. The Guide provides documents including standard forms and organizational charts that can be reproduced by any user group.

The Guide includes many of the best practices used in facility planning, and it draws on the expertise of specialists in other fields. The authors recognize that there is more than one approach to educational facility planning. The examples and case study presented in The Guide provide only a few approaches. Each district must develop its own approach to facility planning, to address the unique character of its community and schools.

The work presented in The Guide represents the collaborative effort of many people, including members of the Association, who provided their time, resources, and expertise to the project. They wrote or reviewed individual chapters, prepared case studies, and provided guidance and assistance in all aspects of the project. This successful collaboration illustrates the importance of creating connections and the need to draw upon the expertise of others from a wide diversity of trades and professions.
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