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Guide for School Facility Appraisal
Hard Copy Publication
Appraisal Guide for Older Historic School Facilities
This publication is designed to provide a more balanced and introspective evaluation of older schools and supplements the CEFPI Guide for School Facility Appraisal developed by Edward Lilly and Harold Hawkins. This assessment tool is designed to provide community leaders and school district officials a means to measure older buildings against 21st century educational requirements. It is designed to collect data that may otherwise not be easily obtained. It is designed to help... Details
Creating Connections-Guide for Educational Facility Planning
About the Guide

The Guide is not meant to be exhaustive. Each chapter provides a basic foundation of knowledge about its subject area. An extensive bibliography is included for those seeking more in-depth information. The Guide provides documents including standard forms and organizational charts that can be reproduced by any user group.

The Guide includes many of the best practices used in facility planning, and it draws on the expertise of specialists in... Details
Milwaukee Study, Facility Conditions
Hard Copy Publication
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