Steve Shapiro | Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Our Youth

August 30, 2023

40% of children are struggling deeply with mental health – some even to the point of contemplating the unthinkable. But why? What pressures are pushing our children to such extremes? Steve Shapiro, host of the education podcast Experience Matters, drops by to discuss the multifaceted causes – from the rigorous stress of schoolwork and college admission anxieties to discrimination and societal pressures and more important, they talk about what we, as a society, can do to address this crisis.

By sharing hard-hitting data from Stanford University and heartfelt personal stories, Kevin and Steve aim to break through the facade of what's deemed 'normal' in educational expectations and shine a light on what truly matters: the well-being and happiness of our young generation.

Steve Shapiro boasts over three decades in K-12 education, including roles in classroom teaching, program direction, and district leadership. A passionate advocate for high school reform, experiential and project-based learning, Steve has not only transformed classroom experiences but has also served as a keynote speaker, development coach, and mentor to teachers globally, from Ohio State University to emerging democracies like Poland and Ukraine. He hosts "Experience Matters", a podcast for educators seeking authentic, impactful learning over standardized schooling.

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