Charles Fournier | Those Who Can't Teach Anymore

March 1, 2023

If you think teachers are undervalued and mistreated, you should know that many teachers are leaving the profession in frustration. If things don't change, the talent pool will get even thinner as more quit. In this episode, we sit down with Charles Fournier to discuss why teachers are leaving education and explore resources available to teachers to help them professionally.

Charles Fournier teaches high school English in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is the creator and producer of the podcast Those Who Can't Teach Anymore. When creating a new class project, he fell into freelancing for Wyoming Public Radio. He is the host of The Mountain Time Podcast Hour and the sound designer for the award-winning podcast, The Modern West. Charles is also a Fund for Teachers Fellow.

Charles' affection for public radio began in the back seat of cars. He remembers listening to Car Talk and This American Life during drives across Wyoming. Little has changed. Charles fell into volunteering as an Assistant Producer for HumaNature while creating a podcast unit for his high school students. The reporters of WPR graciously taught Charles about the production process, which led to his own contributions to WPR programming and a class project that students still enjoy.

If you enjoyed this episode, we encourage you to check out Charles' new 7-part podcast series "Those Who Can’t Teach Anymore" that is all about exploring why teachers are leaving education and what can be done to stop the exodus. You can find it on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else you listen to your podcasts!

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