Punya Mishra | Questioning Assumptions Within the Education System

November 29, 2023

Kevin Stoller speaks Punya Mishra, an Associate Dean and Professor at Arizona State University. They explore the intersection of design and education, emphasizing the importance of questioning assumptions within the education system. They also discuss the role of reflection in learning, the coexistence of arts and STEM, and the design of learning spaces.

Dr. Punya Mishra is Associate Dean of Scholarship & Innovation and Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. He also has an affiliate appointment in ASU’s Design School. As associate dean he leads a range of initiatives that provide a future-forward, equity driven, approach to educational research. He is internationally recognized for his work in educational technology; the role of creativity and aesthetics in learning; and the application of design-based approaches to educational innovation. He has received $9.5 million in grants; published over 200 articles and edited 5 books. With over 50,000 citations of his research, he is ranked among the top 2% of scientists worldwide and the top 100 scholars with the biggest influence on educational practice and policy. A TED-Ed educator, he co-hosts the award-winning Silver Lining for Learning webinar as well as the Value Laden and Learning Futures podcasts. Dr. Mishra is an award-winning instructor who has taught courses at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels in the areas of educational technology, educational psychology, design, and creativity. He is also an engaging public speaker, and an accomplished visual artist and poet.

Website: punyamishra.com

LinkedIn: PunyaMishra

Twitter: @punyamishra

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