Dr. Amy Illingworth | The Power of Coaching Teachers

April 19, 2023

One way to support teachers as they continue to improve their skills is to provide them with instructional coaching. While it might seem like an administrator is the ideal person to provide this, today's guest explains that there is a difference between being an effective coach and being an effective administrator. Dr. Amy Illingworth explains the difference between an administrator and a coach and also shares some of her favorite techniques to help coach teachers.

Dr. Amy Illingworth currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Encinitas Union School District in Southern California. Throughout her career Amy has served as a teacher, a literacy coach, a vice principal, a principal, and a director, at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. In addition, she has taught administrative preparation courses at the graduate college level for aspiring leaders. Amy is an avid blogger and write about her love of reaching, teacher, learning, and coaching. In fact, her book, The Coach ADVenture: Building Powerful Instructional Skills That Impact Learning, celebrates her love of coaching, and making an impact in teachers’ practices on behalf of student learning. Amy is originally from New Jersey, so she can talk fast about all of these subjects with anyone willing to listen!

You can learn more about Dr. Illingworth at her blog: https://reflectionsonleadershipandlearning.com/

More information on her book can be found here: https://reflectionsonleadershipandlearning.com/coach-adventure/

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