Roundtable | Seeds of Change: Rethinking School Nutrition

June 7, 2023

This episode brings together a roundtable of nutrition and school experts to discuss the complexities of nutritious school meals, the impact of changing dietary regulations, and innovative approaches to food education. They also explore potential changes in the area of school and nutrition, such as enhancing fruit and vegetable procurement and advocating for universally-funded meals.

Our panelists are:

Scott Anderson is a retired educator with a long history in education and food service. He now travels the nation sharing stories about food service programs through Scott's Free Lunch. Find out more at

Lindsey Hill is the founder of MenuLogic K12 and has extensive experience as a school nutrition director. She is passionate about using technology to improve school nutrition programs and empower operators with financial and operational knowledge. Find out more at

Dr. Lennor Johnson is the Superintendent/President of Imperial Community College District, with a career dedicated to helping underserved students achieve their educational goals. He has played a crucial role in implementing programs to support students from diverse backgrounds. Find Lennor at

Kirsten Reitzammer is the director of student nutrition at Allen Independent School District. As a registered dietitian, she is committed to finding innovative ways to serve and satisfy the student population. Find Kirsten at

Karen Weintraub is a respected health reporter for USA Today and other leading publications. She has extensive experience in reporting on public health issues, particularly in the areas of childhood obesity and nutrition. Find out more about Karen at

Conor Doyle is the Digital Marketing Manager at AmTab. Learn more at

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