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September 20, 2023

Kevin sits down with Doug Roberts from the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), a nexus for fostering dialogue and collaboration between the education sector and school leaders. Doug, who transitioned from a high school teacher to an EdTech entrepreneur, unpacks his rich journey and sheds light on the crucial role of building nurturing relationships amongst educational leaders. The discussion ventures deep into the hurdles and pressures faced by superintendents, underscoring the pressing need for robust mentorship and leadership development programs. Tune in as they also explore the innovative strides of the Super Choice Awards program and dive into untapped market potentials like green energy solutions and fortified safety measures in schools, all aiming towards fostering a brighter future for students.

Doug Roberts, Founder & CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), has built a remarkable career since graduating from Princeton and earning his EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Leveraging his background as a high school teacher and EdTech executive, Doug founded the IEI in 2018 to foster partnerships between school district leaders and EdTech entrepreneurs, emphasizing innovation, agility, and resourcefulness to enhance student outcomes. The IEI, which organizes conferences and supports emerging education leaders and inclusivity initiatives, is now a thriving community with over 100 members nationwide. Additionally, Doug initiated the Supes’ Choice Awards, recognizing excellence in EdTech products based on criteria like innovation and engagement. A fervent advocate for quality education, equity, and inclusion, Doug cherishes family time and roots for the Yankees, while continuously encouraging dialogues on the future of learning.

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