Jolene Levin | We're Building a Team to Change Education

July 12, 2023

In this very special episode, Host Kevin Stoller chats with Jolene Levin. Jolene is the Executive Director of the brand new education-oriented nonprofit, The SecondClassFoundation. This organization was founded around the idea of changing the ways we view and talk about education online, in print, and in movies and television shows. They discuss her journey into the world of education and share their excitement for what The SecondClassFoundation can bring to education.

Most importantly, SCF is looking for collaborators to help bring this mission of changing narratives around education to fruition. Visit to find out how you can help.

Jolene Levin is the Executive Director of the SecondClassFoundation. She is a passionate advocate for educational innovation with over a decade of experience shaping diverse learning environments. Known for her transformative work at NorvaNivel where she aided schools in shifting towards agile learning spaces, Jolene brings a wealth of understanding to the future direction of education. Committed to reimagining how education is perceived and experienced, Jolene leverages her broad portfolio of successful case studies to create inclusive learning spaces attuned to evolving student needs.

At the SecondClassFoundation, she continues her mission to improve education by leveraging media as a powerful tool. The foundation is actively engaged in various projects aimed at enhancing current learning spaces and amplifying their impact through the creation and dissemination of entertaining and meaningful stories via media channels. Through her leadership at the SecondClassFoundation, Jolene strives to challenge outdated perceptions of classrooms and revolutionize education for the benefit of students, educators, and communities alike.

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