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The chapter includes the State of California north of and including the cities of Monterey, Merced and Bridgeport, and the State of Nevada excluding Clark County.

Region / Chapter Member Care Manager: Carla Cummins

After careful deliberation the organizing committees of A4LE events have decided that it will be in the best interest of all delegates to postpone upcoming events through May. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and security of our members and delegates. Given the rapid escalation of the COVID – 19 (“Coronavirus”) and subsequent declarations of emergencies and health crisis concerns from local, state, provincial and federal government officials, we felt the need to take this course of action.

At this time, A4LE staff and volunteers are negotiating to find alternative dates that are suitable for postponement of events. The planning committees have promised stellar events, and we do not want to lose that momentum. We will be seeking a remedy to this that will carry all of the hard work forward, taking all events to fruition at a later date. We will continue to update on the progress.

Webinar: Part 3 "The Plan"

Instructions for the webinar will be sent directly to registered attendees on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

Join Southern California and Northern California Chapters in part 3 of our 3 part series, as we hear from expert panelists discuss the needs, impact, and effects of distance learning and it's interface with the learning environment.

Distance learning

Distance Learning: A paradigm shift in student experience…and the future of learning environments

July 15, 2020
11 am to 12:15 pm

AIA Credit Documentation and Learning Objectives

Members and public sector: free
Private sector non-members: $10


Presentation Format:
Webinar with audience Q&A participation

The moderator and panel members will be available soon.

Webinar Focus:
Distance learning and virtual reality learning platforms are becoming the go-to learning content delivery system. With so much emphasis on e-learning, learning in place, and anytime, anyplace, anywhere teaching and learning methodologies, what is the future for the built environment? Will bricks and mortar facilities still be relevant? How will schools and other learning environments be affected by this growing development for distance learning?

Presentation Description:
For centuries – and that’s a long time, the association with teaching and learning and the built environment have been a packaged unit. Students attend a brick and mortar facility, teachers deliver content in a prescribed face-to-face method, engagement of school community and activities take place within the built environment and we know how to function.

Over time, distance learning has been introduced into the instructional platform. Teachers and students engage in sharing information and content in a two-dimensional reality via a distance learning platform. Some instruction and engagement take place within a tangible structure while other elements of the teaching and learning process are delivered virtually. This has been a norm for the industry for decades. Yet, we are now face with a new reality of what our future make be in terms of buildings, community hangout, and overall, the effect and impact that the immediate need for distance learning is having and will continue to have with respect to migrating back to a structured environment.

This webinar will be the beginning discussion in a series directed at the overall needs, impact, and effects of distance learning and its interface with the built environment. Our panel members will provide multiple perspectives and insight from the:
  • Instructional elements at both primary and secondary levels
  • Challenges at the site levels from site administrators
  • IT perspectives on delivery as well as security, resources, access, and responsiveness

Learning Objectives:
This webinar will address many areas related to distance learning and our educational learning facilities. The focus outcomes are directed at answering these questions:
  1. What are the known immediate challenges of delivering content via virtual learning
  2. What is the future of the built environment for classrooms and other learning environments?
  3. How will communities be affected by the single delivery method and non-human interaction – how will all learners receive a genuine educational experience?
  4. How can school districts and community resources still be relevant in the overall educational experience?

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2020 Annual Regional Conference

Evolving Environments August 26-29, 2020
Evolving Environments: Learning in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas, NV

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