Past Winners

2019 Impact Award Winners

We are excited to announced the recipients of the 2019 Impact Award!

Little Elm Gold Award
LEISD Little Elm High School Adaptive Tandem Bicycle Project with $7,500
Chase's Place Silver Award
Chase's Place Motor Room Renovation with $5,000
Realm Middle School Bronze Award
BISD Realm Middle School – Realm Coding with $2,500
Apollo Bronze Award
RISD Apollo Junior High School Pumping Panther's Pride with $2,500
Solar Preparatory Bronze Award
DISD Solar Preparatory School for Girls Maker Education with $2,500

2019 Impact Award 2019 Impact Award

2018 Impact Award Winners

We are excited to announced the recipients of the 2018 Impact Award!

Forest Lane Academy Gold Award
Hope for Impoverished Community from Forest Lane Academy with $7,500
Gilbreath-Reed Silver Award
Greenhouse Project from Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center with $5,000
Smithfield MS Bronze Award
Outdoor Classroom from Lister Elementary School with a $2,500
Lister ES Bronze Award
E.P.I.C. – Experts Providing Innovative Challenges from Smithfield Middle School with $2,500
RISD Bronze Award
Enhance Creativity & Challenge Scholars from RISD Academy with $2,500

2018 Impact Award 2018 Impact Award 2018 Impact Award 2018 Impact Award 2018 Impact Award

2017 Impact Award Winners

We received 46 entries this year and want to thank the judges for their effort and time.

James McSwain | James Kubala | Bayardo Selva

2017 Impact Awards 2017 Impact Awards

We are excited to announced the recipients of the 2017 Impact Award!!!

Arlington ISD Shackelford JHS Gold Award
Shack STEAM Celebration from Arlington ISD Shackelford JHS with $7,000
Northwest ISD Northwest High School Silver Award
Innovate. Collaborate. Debate. Checkmate! from Northwest ISD Northwest High School with $4,500
Northwest ISD Cox Elementary Bronze Award
The Cougar Connection Den from Wayne A. Cox Elementary with $3,000
Dallas ISD Mata Montessori Bronze Award
Curriculum Materials for Dual-Language Montessori Classroom from Dallas ISD Mata Montessori with $2,500
GP ISD  Ellen Ochoa STEM Academy Bronze Award
Perry Cloud Weather Station from STEM Academy at Ben Milam Elementary with a $2,000

Service Citation Awards

Excellence in Leadership as Chapter President 2016-2017
O. Wayne Reynaud, AIA

Leadership as the Impact Award Committee Chair 2016-2017
Sangeetha Karthik, AIA

Distinguished Service Awards

Leadership of the UTA School Studio Program 2016-2017
Anne Hildenbrand, AIA
Beverly Fornof
Roberto Zuniga

2016 Impact Award Winners

R Studio Community Classroom, $6,000
Richardson High School, Richardson ISD
Literacy Tutoring using the Gideon Curriculum, $3,000
Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute, Dallas
Learning in the Zone, $2,000
Smithfield Middle School, Birdville ISD
STEM/STEAM Maker Space, $1,500
Nelson Middle School, Frisco ISD
Year End Studies, $1,500
Hillwood Middle School, Keller ISD

2016 Impact Award 2016 Impact Award 2016 Impact Award

2015 Impact Award Winners

Gold Award to Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute Educate Now! Initiative $5,000
Silver Award to Uplift Education Peak Primary Educational and Therapy Garden $2,000
Bronze Award to Birdville ISD Smithfield Middle School Welnnovate Zone (WIZ) $1,000

Meeting recap

2015 Impact Award 2015 Impact Award 2015 Impact Award 2015 Impact Award

2013 Impact Award Winners

Fort Worth ISD, George C. Clarke Elementary – Centennial Reading Garden

George C. Clarke Elementary

Fort Worth ISD, North Side High School – North Side Garden

North Side High School

Congratulations to our 2012 Impact Award Winner

Fort Worth ISD Polytechnic High School Family and Consumer Sciences "Poly's Community Garden"

Vision Becomes Reality!

The award vision statement:
To enhance the usability of an educational space with a permanent enhancement or modification and to impact the community; supporting its involvement in the local education process

The Chapter was honored this week to celebrate this vision becoming reality with our first Impact Award given to Polytechnic High School Family and Consumer Sciences "Poly's Community Garden".

The submittal for Poly's community garden presented a persuasive argument for how their project met our award criteria:
  • How will this investment impact the students at the school receiving the award?
  • How will this investment impact, encourage and promote future community involvement in the school?
  • Long term, how significant is the anticipated result from this investment?

2012 Impact Award Representing Fort Worth ISD in accepting the award were:
  • Art Cavazos, Chief of District Operations
  • Tobi Jackson, Board Member District 2
  • Daniel Scroggins, Polytechnic High School Principal

There is a clear and strong vision to have this become a 'community garden' as well as a school project which is incredibly powerful. The development of the project is planned to be executed by students and the surrounding community over the next school year. We look forward to seeing the impact Poly's Community Garden makes in the Polytechnic High School Community as the chapter visits next year to see the results!
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