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Virtual Event

May 27, 2021
4:00 – 5:00 pm

“Educators Educating Us!”

UDL: How can the science behind learning inform more effective Instructional practices and impact space design for Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive opportunities for all learners?
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an internationally recognized framework to improve, optimize and create equitable diverse and inclusive teaching and learning opportunities for all people. UDL is based on scientific insights into how humans learn. Developed by neuro-psychologists at Harvard, UDL takes advantage of innovative instructional methodologies, flexible diverse technologies, and space design to support variabilities across all learners. This session will introduce attendees to:
  • An overview of UDL
  • How UDL practices can shift teaching and learning practices
  • How to use principles of UDL to think more intentionally about learning space design

Facilitators will share examples of how UDL creates equitable diverse and inclusive opportunities for all learners. They will also introduce attendees to the Deck of Spaces which identifies some specific examples of how space design helps support goals for achieving diversity, equity & inclusion – better meeting the needs of all learner variabilities.

  • Susan Hardin, Universal Design for Learning Coordinator at Macomb ISD in Michigan
  • David Reid, Architect and Principal at Gould Evans, in Kansas City Missouri

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Must register by May 26 at 5 pm Eastern
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