A distinguished panel of twelve educational environments practitioners with expertise in education, planning and design will comprise the Architectural Awards Jury, which will function as a sub-committee to the International Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will appoint a jury chair and one at-large member, while the remaining jurors will be appointed in conjunction with the region for the respective award cycle.

The jury considers how well the project satisfies its own planning and design intent. The evaluation considers both the written narrative and the planning and design responses in four areas, with the heaviest weighting on the learning environment. The jurors will divide into subgroups assuming responsibilities for the various categories of awards. Each subgroup reviews all projects in the assigned category and composes a shortlist for the entire jury to review, concluding with the selection of award recipients.

Conflict of Interest

If any member of the award jury has a past or current relationship with a submitted project that might influence the selection process for reasons other than the merits of the case relative to the award, it is the responsibility of each jury member to bring to the attention of the jury chair such a conflict of interest. The juror must recuse themselves from reviewing the particular project. The jury chair should propose a response that ensures that the final decision of the jury is exempt from any apparent conflict.