On Behalf of the Board of Directors of the Association for Learning Environments

The killing of black people is abhorrent and compels action. The Association for Learning Environments condemns these killings, recent and historic, and calls for systemic racism to cease immediately. The killing of men and women of color and pattern of institutionalized violence against them must stop. Black lives matter.

The Association promotes advocacy as one of the core competencies of its accredited professionals. That advocacy is intent upon others, particularly those without a voice. It is meant to champion equity and access for all. Disparities persist contributing to a great divide, and to that end we have failed. Black lives matter.

The Association serves communities across the United States, Canada, Australasia, the United Kingdom, and points beyond, and in the same manner that the world has responded to this cause we are bound to elevate this conversation through our work. We will leverage our collective membership to stop the loss, close the opportunity gap, and champion equity in earnest. Black lives matter.

Our ranks include individuals of color, but disparately so. Our outreach includes communities on the margins, but not all of them. Our intentions are earnest, but not enough. We must be proactive. Black lives matter.

In condemning the repugnant acts that have befallen our brothers and sisters – future leaders of this and other organizations – we resolve to use our collective voices on the international, regional, and local levels to champion the cause of racial justice and equality. Each one of us can and must do his/her part. Black lives matter.

The Association for Learning Environments is an anti-racist association. We understand that it is not enough to be inclusive. We recognize that we must do better. Black lives matter. Black students. Black teachers. Black planners, architects, engineers, and builders… matter.