Rising Stars of Education: Katelyn Forcucci

April 17, 2024

Ever wondered what drives the passion of an educator?

With a background spanning over a decade of teaching high school English across diverse settings, Katelyn Forcucci's rich experiences have shaped her understanding of the complexities of education and the profound impact teachers can have on their students' lives.

Throughout this conversation, Katelyn shares her reflections on the importance of preparing learners for the future. She emphasizes the critical role educators play in not only imparting knowledge but also nurturing essential skills that will empower students to thrive in an ever-changing world.

  • Educators play a crucial role in preparing learners for the future and should focus on developing their skills and knowledge.
  • Building strong relationships with students is essential for effective teaching and learning.
  • Educators should create a positive classroom climate and provide clear expectations and procedures.
  • Humor and storytelling can be powerful tools in engaging students and creating a positive learning environment.
  • Education is an undervalued profession that requires dedication and a passion for making a difference in students' lives.

Katelyn spent ten years teaching high school English. She has taught: 7-12 graders in Cambridge, Intensive, Honors, and regular English classes as well as Creative Writing and Regents Prep. Katelyn started her teaching career in Upstate New York where she received her tenure. She taught 9 Honors, Cambridge, and 12th grade College Prep English in Florida. She has taught in affluent, rural, and urban settings.

Most recently, Katelyn was the Director of Education for NorvaNivel USA, LLC. She served as an Education Specialist on the Innovations Team for Charter Schools USA where she was instrumental in designing a future-ready school model. Presently, she is independently consulting.

Katelyn Forcucci 2023 NexGen “Rising Stars” Recipient

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