Submittal Package

Entry Fees

Member   $450 USD per product submission
Non-member   $550 USD per product submission



Registration and Fees Paid:   August 1, 2023
Submission Due:   August 1, 2023
Jury Review & Deliberation:   August 7-11, 2023
Awards Announcement:   LearningSCAPES Conference

Presentation of Award

Winners of the Industry Partner Award will be recognized at the LearningSCAPES Conference. Winners will have placement on the Association for Learning Environments website awards page.


The Jury will be comprised of individuals from the Association for Learning Environments membership. The members of the jury must demonstrate geographic diversity and must include at least one architect, one school district representative and at-large member who may be from outside the membership.

Jury Process

The Jury members will evaluate each product submission using the responses in each area listed below. The Jury is given approximately 1-2 weeks to complete this evaluation, depending on the number of submissions. Once all Jury members submit their evaluations, the results are compiled and a full evaluation sheet is sent to the Jury members to reference during the Jury conference call. A conference call is scheduled to discuss the final evaluation and determine a winner and runner up.

Judging Criteria

Each product will be evaluated based on the pillar areas of success listed below. The submitting company will need to provide a detailed description of the product in each area as it relates to enhancing the learning environment.

Innovation/Usage (25 points)
  • Please describe how this product brings innovation to the market place. What characteristics or techniques are improved upon or new to the market?
  • Describe how the product incorporates the use of new technologies (i.e. emerging technologies within the past few years or a new technology developed)?
  • Elaborate on how the product is used to provide an advantage to the learning environment?

Environmentally-friendly Manufacturing and Safety (30 points)
  • Describe the use of recycled materials that are used in either the manufacturing or operation or describe how the product may be recycled at the end of life.
  • Explain the level of sustainability of the product as it relates to the environmental, social or economic benefits of the learning environment.
  • Explain how the product promotes safety. This can be physical safety of a product or overall safety performance (i.e. student physical safety, building safety, etc.).

Energy Usage/Savings Economic Performance (30 points)
  • Assess the contribution to energy savings either through production of the product, usage of the product, outcome of the product that will impact energy usage, and or a combination of all of these traits.
  • Describe the product's stated direct cost savings to operations, maintenance, and other areas.

Overall Performance Essay (15 points)
Communicate attributes about the product not addressed in the above sections which makes the implementation or use of the product in a learning environment distinctive, extraordinary or high performing as it relates to student or long term environmental performance outcomes.

Submittal Form

All entrants must register and pay submission fees online. Each company is to complete a detailed narrative addressing the pillar areas above. All entries must be paid in full by August 13 to be considered for the award.

Electronic Data

All entries shall be submitted in electronic format for use in any publications for the awards and for review by the Jury. Please include the following information:
  1. Narrative – Please submit a detailed narrative describing how the product addresses the pillar areas (5 pages max).
  2. Signature Photo – please provide one high resolution photo of the product.
  3. Optional Photos or Graphics – each entry may submit up to 5 addition photos.
  4. Company Logo – please send a high resolution image of your company logo for website placement.

Please submit all electronic files as PDF files via email (if less than 10 MB per file and/or per email) to: [email protected], OR, via electronic file sharing platforms (e.g. Hightail, or Dropbox), OR, using your company FTP site.

NOTE: Please save your file as IndustryPartner – Name of Product – Name of Company

If using your company FTP site, create a new folder with the company name and send e-mail notification to [email protected]. If submitting more than one product, please be sure each product submission is titled correctly.
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