Fellow Designation

The Fellow Designation is bestowed on individuals who have consistently contributed to the Association of Learning Environments (A4LE) and its constituents through service, education, and mentorship.  The Fellow Designation is conferred upon  individuals who are the most respected members of A4LE. They represent the mark of excellence in the industry in which they serve and are recognized as those that advance A4LE and its mission.

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Nominations due: June 23rd
Following the selection of the Charter Class (2011), LE Fellow designations will be awarded each year from a nomination process beginning with the Association for Learning Environments Regions, Chapters or Board of Directors. A jury will review and evaluate application materials and award LE Fellows through a scoring process rating a candidate’s submission. the number of LE Fellow designations awarded each year is at the discretion of the jury. 

An LE Fellow will be an individual who has tirelessly and selflessly supported the Association and its mission. Fellows are long-standing recognized experts in their field and possess the wisdom to carry the industry and the association forward by volunteering for committee assignments, positions of leadership and introducing innovation within the Association. They represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry in which they serve and are recognized as those who have advanced the association and its mission.  

Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria at the time of submission to be considered for the Fellow Designation. Prior to the selection of annual class of LE Fellows, the award committee will conduct and interview with each eligible candidate.

  • Have been a member of A4LE for a minimum of 15 years.
  • Have 20 years of educational experience in one of the following categories: planning/design, school district employee or consultant, state or public agency employee or consultant focused on schools and/or education; or service provider or constructor.
  • Served as an elected or appointed officer at the chapter, regional, or international level.
  • Served as a committee chair at the chapter, regional, or international level.
  • Hold certification and/or designation that is industry specific.
  • Demonstrated knowledge or subject matter expert of education inclusive of the environment where students learn as demonstrated via presentations and/or industry related published articles.
  • Demonstrate mentorship of A4LE members. 


  • 15  Points     Demonstrate Professional Experience
  • 10  Points     Officer Position at Chapter, Regional, or International Level
  •   5  Points     Committee Chair at the Chapter, Regional, or International Level
  • 15  Points     Industry Certification and or Designation
  • 15  Points     Presentations and Publications
  • 15  Points     Mentorship to Association Members
  • 15  Points     3 Letters of Recommendations (1 of 3 from a person mentored)

Nomination for the Fellow Designation is to be submitted by the region leadership where the applicant resides to the A4LE CEO (or designee). Chapters or individual members may submit a recommendation to their respective region president or designee for consideration. The Global Board of Directors, through Executive Committee, may nominate a candidate for the Fellow Designation who is not part of a region or chapter who, because of extraordinary circumstances, is unable to be nominated by a region (i.e., a prominent individual who has contributed to the organization yet is not active in a region).


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