Fellow Award

This award is bestowed on individuals who have consistently contributed to the association in the highest manner possible. A Fellow is the most respected member of the Association for Learning Environments community. They represent the mark of excellence in the industry in which they serve and are recognized as those that advanced the association and its mission.

2023 Jason Boone, ALEP, LE Fellow
Edward J. Peters, ALEP, LE Fellow
John K. Ramsey, CAE, ALEP, LE Fellow
2022 Paul Boney, FAIA, LE Fellow
Patrick Glenn, AIA, LEED AP, REFP, LE Fellow
Molly Smith, AICP, REFP, LE Fellow
D. Greggwood Brown, Retired Architect MAIBC, FRAIC, LEED AP, LE Fellow
Rodwell King, RIBA, ALEP, LE Fellow
Kendall Jessiman, AIBC, AAA, SAA, MRAIC, CAHP, ALEP, LE Fellow
2021 Dennis Bane, ALEP, AIA
Philip Poinelli, ALEP, FAIA, LEED AP
2020 James French, REFP
Lisa Lamkin, FAIA, LEED AP
Charles J. Saylors, REFP
2019 Rob Pillar, ALEP, AIA
Roy Sprague, ALEP, AIA, CSI
2018 Kathy J. Christy, ALEP
Irene Nigaglioni, ALEP
William A. Stice, REFP
2017 James A. Brady (Jim) FAIA, ALEP
Troy Glover, ALEP
Richard D. Moretti, Ed.D., ALEP, LEED® AP
David Schrader, AIA, LEED AP
2016 Melanie Drerup, ALEP
David D. Waggoner, AIA, ALEP, LEED AP BD+C
2015 David C. Edwards, ALEP
Bill Heinecke, ALEP, LEED
Mark Warneke, ALEP
2014 Dan Mader, AIA, ALEP, LEED AP
Steve Olson, AIA, LEED AP
Lenard Wright, Ed.D., ALEP
Brad Furey – Posthumous Award
2013 Judith P. Hoskens, REFP, LEED AP
Deborah Moore
R. Wayne Roberts, AIA, REFP
2012 Scott Layne, ALEP
Ed McMilin, ALEP
Thomas R. Rushin
2011 Paul Abramson
Julie Barrett
William S. DeJong, Ph.D.,REFP
Tom Ellis
Ronald H. Fanning, AIA, P.Eng., ALEP, NCEE
Dwayne Gardner
Edward E. Kirkbride, ALEP
Merle Kirkley, ALEP
Ron A. McKnight
Sue Robertson, ALEP
Hugh C. Skinner, ALEP, MCIP
Dr. N. Reginald Teague, REFP
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