Renaissance   April 18-20, 2013
Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel
Pittsburgh, PA


Fallingwater Nothing you have read or learned about Fallingwater can compare to the experience of visiting in person. The Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, nestled within the lush, wooded Bear Run Nature Reserve, is a timeless monument to organic architecture at its best. Tours at Fallingwater discuss the house and Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, and the integration of the house with its beautiful natural landscape. All tours through Fallingwater are guided tours led by professional interpreters. Registrants will have an in-depth tour, lasting approximately 90 minutes.

The bus will depart from the Conference Hotel on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at approximately 6:30 am and return at approximately 4:00 pm.

To read more about the property and the tour, please click here:

There's less money – It's a fact, and it's here to stay

(we are all working to reduced funding – buildings, service providers, teachers, administrators – and it's causing some real tensions. But really it needs a rethink). What we are finding all over the world is that state funding into education is being reduced in real terms. Partly because of the global slowdown, from local economies having to make hard decisions. For providers of schools this tends to mean that one has to look hard at the areas where value is added, and those areas where less is created. Basically everything has to work more than once: spaces have to work hard, as does technology and everything else. School administrators have to look hard at their budgets and where they go.

But the great news is that when one looks hard, all sorts of opportunities start to emerge. It's just that one can get complacent and allow these opportunities to drift by (so in WW2, the time to invent and get the first jet aircraft flying was a little over 6 months: today the average design time for a Mercedes car is a little over 3 years). I'd love to share some of this.

Marcus Orlovsky

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