2014 Annual Regional Conference

Kansas City Skyline   April 23-26, 2014
Empowering Learners through Education to Change the World
Hotel Sorella Country Club Plaza
Kansas City, MO

The Future IS Now - Today's Realities
Shifts and Trends That Are Redefining Organizations, Careers, and Life

"Empowering Learners through Education to Change the World."

EXPERIENCE THE LIFE OF A STUDENT: The aim of this conference is to explore opportunities for learning and the barriers a learner may face from the point of view of a student. Attendees will be grouped by a created student profile. You will be assigned a group and a student profile, and for the next 48 hours, you will view each activity we do through the eyes of that student. In the course of two days, we will explore the opportunities for learning and the current barriers learner's face every day through site visits, tours, and learner/instructor panels. At the end of the conference, each group will use the discovered barriers to define this final goal: how do we empower learners through education?


he Play, Passion, and Purpose of a learner's experience, answering these questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. The outcome is to better understand both learning opportunities & barriers to empower students through education to change the world. One way to evaluate these barriers is to create an ideal 1 week schedule for the student profile. This schedule would include answers to the considerations below.


  • WHO are learners interacting with?
  • WHAT are they learning?
  • WHERE is learning happening?
  • WHEN are learners learning?
  • WHY adopt this model of education?
  • HOW do we achieve the future of learning?
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