April 25-27, 2012
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Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson, a teacher for several years and then a community college president, has been for nearly 30 years contributing to the advancement of major policy innovations with Education|Evolving's partners. He is now managing partner of E|E.

Johnson co-authored, with Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn, the provocative 2008 book Disrupting Class. This book explains why even the best managed schools will be disrupted by changing learning models and how both school districts and the chartered sector can respond. The authors make a vigorous argument for the effectiveness and economics of personalized learning.

He is also the co-author of three books about public policy issues in urban regions, most recently Century of the City, published in late 2008 by the Rockefeller Foundation. As a longtime writer with the Citistates Group, Johnson, along with columnist Neal Peirce, has written more than a hundred feature-length articles on a wide range of public policy issues which have appeared in more than 50 newspapers over the past 20 years.

He's also been the head of a citizen think tank, a policy adviser and chief of staff to a Minnesota governor, and the chairman of the board of one of America's only two regional governments.

Johnson has a BA in history from Baylor University and a PhD from the College of Education at the University of Texas. He was born in the Atlanta, Georgia region, grew up in Texas, and has lived in Minnesota since 1972.

Disruptive Innovation Goes to School
By now we are all accustomed to seeing breakthrough innovations fundamentally change business models – steel-making, telecommunications, publishing, music, banking, the list goes on and on. But we don't naturally think of schools this way. We should. Schooling everyone from toddlers to twenty-somethings is also an 'industry,' and disruptive innovation is well under way. Education may be the last of the 'old media' left standing. Hear Disrupting Class co-author Curtis Johnson describe the mismatch between the traditional operating model of school and the way today's generation is learning. Johnson will explain why the disruption seems so slow and easy to dismiss and why its acceleration is really good news.

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Emily Pilloton

Emily Pilloton

Founder and Executive Director, Studio H Instructor
Emily founded Project H to use design to empower people, and to get her hands dirty after too many years in an office. Trained in architecture (UC Berkeley) and product design (SAIC), Emily believes in design as an honest process of building and activism for community benefit. Most days she resides in the Studio H classroom/shop with her high school students, but travels occasionally for lectures and workshops around the world. A California girl, runner, border collie lover, and unwavering optimist, she has appeared on the TED stage and the Colbert Report, and authored the book Design Revolution.

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Trung Le

Trung Le, AIA

Practice Leader
The Third Teacher Plus of Cannon Design

Trung Le is a pioneer of Cannon Design's education practice and has an incessant energy and passion for learning. Le is widely recognized as an advocate for incorporating multiple intelligences and learning styles in the design of education environments. As the lead designer for Cannon Design's education group, he creates spaces that encourage student inquiry and imagination and offer students a sense of what it means to be a part of a global community.

It is this design philosophy that has yielded awards from the Chicago, Illinois and national chapters of the American Institute of Architects during his 20 years at Cannon Design. Le's projects have been published in such periodicals as Architectural Record, Contract Design and Edutopia. Le is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences for organizations such as the British Council for School Environments, the Council of Educational Facility Planners International, the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education and the Architecture + Design Education Network. Le sits on the annual thesis project review panel for schools of architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Illinois Institute of Technology. Recently, he helped lead a collaboration with Bruce Mau Design that resulted in the publication The Third Teacher, a cabinet of wonders on how design can transform teaching and learning. Le also currently writes for Fast Company's Design Experts' Blog.

Toward a Regenerative Learning Ecology

When complex global problems require creative thinking...
When we are swept into a global culture but simultaneously find our specific, physical locale irreplaceable...
When social networks reveal the capacity of and necessity for collaboration...
When passionate learning is active, dynamic and happening outside education institutions...
When students flourish in the face of challenges that are real and impact the world...
When the environments and expectations for learning are identical to those from the Industrial Era...

It is time to change the conversation about learning.

It is time to transform our understanding of teaching and learning. It is time for a holistic consideration that creates a new ecology of living, growing and learning for our children.
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