Edward Kirkbride Award

The Edward Kirkbride Award is bestowed upon a project that exhibits exceptional strength in each of the judging criteria.

2017 Regional Design Awards

Kirkbride Award
Andover Bancroft Elementary School

Andover Bancroft Elementary School
Andover Bancroft Elementary School
Andover School District | Andover, MA
Symmes Maini & McKee Associates
The Andover Bancroft project demonstrated a forward-thinking planning process and design solution. The interior learning environment included a variety of instructional spaces with a great deal of flexibility. Grade level classrooms are visually and physically connected to an adjacent learning commons and small group pull-out spaces beyond. Folding glass walls between these spaces give teachers and students the alter the learning place at any time. Similarly, the project demonstrates exceptional environmental stewardship by not only restoring wetlands, but also by making the site available as part of the learning experiences of children. Jurors comments about the project included, "...a project worthy of the Kirkbride award..." "A creative solution for the 21st century and beyond."
Projects of Distinction
Dwight-Englewood School Hajjar STEM Center

Dwight-Englewood School Hajjar STEM Center
Dwight-Englewood School Hajjar STEM Center
Independent Day School | Englewood, NJ
The Hajjar STEM Center project is an elegant and effective solution to a common educational challenge, how to integrate the STEM disciplines in an experiential and meaningful way. Its planning process was comprehensive, involving research, school tours, and visioning with a wide variety of stakeholders. The learning environment, itself, provides students with a sense of being in a high-tech start-up. Gensler's final design is a success on many levels, but most notably because it has positively impacted the way students learn.
Mill Creek Elementary

Mill Creek Elementary
Mill Creek Elementary
Bristol Town School District | Levittown, PA
SchraderGroup Architecture
Bristol Town School District was faced with a daunting challenge: how to improve its nine aging elementary schools quickly and cost-effectively. Mill Creek Elementary School was part of the District's solution to consolidate nine small schools into three larger ones. Planning for the project organized the building into two schools-within-a-school, one K-2 and one 3-5 with shared functions between. The project also demonstrates the successful concept of every space as a learning space. Having such a wide variety of spaces available for learning allows teachers and students to choose spaces the best align with the activities of the day and students individual learning preferences.

2015 Regional Design Awards

Kirkbride Award
Ayer Shirley Regional High School Ayer Shirley Regional High School
Symmes Maini & McKee Associates
Projects of Distinction
Little Red Elisabeth Irwin Little Red Elisabeth Irwin
ABA Studio
Hanover High School Hanover High School
HMFH Architects Inc.

2014 Regional Design Awards

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Projects of Distinction
Baltimore Design School Baltimore Design School
Barrie School Learning Studio Barrie School Learning Studio
Hord Coplan Macht
Dunbar Senior High School Dunbar Senior High School
Perkins Eastman
Highland Middle School Highland Middle School
VEBH Architects
Wellesley High School Wellesley High School
Symmes Maini & McKee Associates
Kirkbride Award
Delaware New Tech Academy Delaware New Tech Academy

2012 Awards

Kirkbride Award
The Neighborhood Academy The Neighborhood Academy
Pittsburgh, PA
High School New Construction
Projects of Distinction
Metropolitan Business Academy Interdistrict High School Metropolitan Business Academy Interdistrict High School
New Haven, CT
New Educational Facility
The S/L/A/M Collaborative
Boston Renaissance Charter Public School Boston Renaissance Charter Public School
Hyde Park, MA
Elementary School Renovation
HMFH Architects, Inc.

2011 Awards

This year's Northeast Region Exhibition of School Architecture and Planning was a great success. We received 13 submissions. 4 projects were recognized with awards. This year, in an effort to encourage more participation and ensure rigor and accountability, we formed a committee to review the process and participate in the jury. The committee members included: Phil Conte, Jeff Davis, Pam Loeffelman, Mike Corb, and Jason Boone. The committee decided to follow the submission requirements from the Association in order to provide consistency and to encourage submitters to send their projects for consideration in the International Awards program. All committee members participated in the jury and we were joined by two guests from other regions: Troy Glover, from the Midwest, Great Lakes Region and Christina Lighthall from the Southern Region. Their participation in the jury adds a level of accountability to the process and we thank them and all of the committee members for their efforts!

The 4 winning projects are as follows:

Projects of Distinction
Yorkshire Elementary School Project: Yorkshire Elementary School
Firm: Schradergroup Architecture
Construction Firm: Reynolds Construction Management

Jury Comments:
"This is a grown up building with a child's sensitivity. The building is open and transparent with wonderful natural light throughout the building connecting the small learning communities in such a way that the children's world always has a sense of the world beyond while still maintaining safe, scalable classrooms. "an interactive, flexible solution on a compact site"

Quincy High School Project: Quincy High School
Firm: SMMA
Construction Firm: Gilbane Building Company

Jury Comments:
"Providing varied places and spaces, the new Quincy High School reflects two growing priorities: smaller scaled learning environments and schools as centers of community."

"a versatile design where old meets new in harmony"

"The School seems to understand community needs and provide space for the community. The Restaurant, etc. is not often seen at HS level and is an unexpected and welcomed offering. Front court seems welcoming and engaging. Internal street on campus seems to be in line with the surrounding area. The project seems active and engaging"

Providence Career and Technical Academy Project: Providence Career and Technical Academy
Architect and Engineer of Record: Studio JAED
Associate Architect: The S/L/A/M Collaborative
Construction Firm: Gilbane Building Company

Jury Comments:
"Designed as a school which is also a teaching tool, the ability to see all of the different activities and be engaged with the overall learning environment is to be applauded."

"on the cutting edge of the future"

"engaging, good use of materials and natural light. Good use of sustainable strategies."

Kirkbride Award
Safari Green School House Project: Safari Green School House
Firm: Burt Hill, a Stantec Company
Other Team members:
Cause and Effect Evolutions, Program administrator
NCLE – Educational planning
Construction Firm: Hensel Phelps Construction

Jury Comments:
"I met Ed Kirkbride in 1998. I was immediately struck by his commitment to serve the educational community, the insights from his proactive process, and the sense of wonder that he always associated with the joy of learning. The Safari Greenhouse represents all of these values. I applaud all of the participants, Cause and Effect Evolutions, Brighten a Life Non Profit Foundation, and Burt Hill a Stantec Company for their efforts in providing this outstanding community resource."

"a little school with a big "green" punch"

2010 Awards

Mount Nittany Elementary School Mount Nittany Elementary School
New Construction
Schrader Group Architecture
161 Leverington Avenue, Suite 105
Philadelphia, PA 19127