Individual Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winners!

Southern Region Planner of the Year 2022

Daniel Brewster Daniel Brewster, AIA, LEED AP
IBI Group

Southern Region Service Citation

William Scabora Central Texas Chapter
Easy Foster Gulf Coast Chapter
Tania Caudill North Texas Chapter

Southern Region Distinguished Service Award

Sita Lakshminarayan Central Texas Chapter
Parul Vyas Gulf Coast Chapter
Sam Herpin (not present) Louisiana Chapter
Anne Hildenbrand North Texas Chapter

Southern Region Cornerstone Award

Gary Hutton  Gulf Coast Chapter

Past Winners

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Planner of the Year Past Winners

2022 Daniel Brewster, AIA, LEED AP / IBI Group
2021 Jimmy Disler / Leander ISD
2020 Lisa Kassman / Katy ISD
2019 Kerri Ranney, AIA, Esq. REFP
2018 Dillon Brady, ALEP / Prime Contractors
2017 Mark R. French, AIA, LEED AP, ALEP / IBI Group
2016 Sue Robertson, ALEP / Orleans Parrish School Board
2015 Steven B. Bingler, AIA / Concordia, LLC
2014 Brad D. Pfluger, AIA, REFP, LEED AP / Pfluger Architects
2013 Jack F. See, FAIA, REFP / Wittenberg, Delony & Davidson
2012 W.A. (Bill) Stice, REFP / Terracon Consultants, Inc.
2009 Frank Kelly, FAIA / SHW Group
2008 Irene Nigaglioni, AIA, REFP / PBK Architects
2007 Patrick Dingrando, AIA, REFP/ Alief ISD
2006 Roy Sprague, AIA, CSI / Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
2005 Jim Ratcliff / CLR Architects – Houston
2004 Gary Marek/ / Texas Education Agency
2002 Jim Brady, AIA, REFP / Page
2001 Gary D. Keep, AIA / SHW Group
2000 James Pfluger, FAIA / Pfluger Architects
1999 Fred Calhoun / Northeast ISD
1998 Dan Boggio, AIA / PBK Architects
1997 David Schuelke / Tomball ISD
1996 Otto Grove, AIA / Texas Education Agency
1994 Dr. William G. White / Grambling University
1993 Dr. Harold Hawkins / Texas A & M University
1992 Steven B. Bingler, AIA / Concordia, LLC
1991 Steven B. Bingler, AIA / Concordia, LLC
1990 Milton J. Miller / Dallas ISD
1987 Glenn Cochran / University of Arkansas
1970 William W. Caudill / CRS Architects

Cornerstone Award Past Winners

2022 Gary Hutton Gulf Coast
2021 Brendon Hoffman Gulf Coast
2020 Linda Courtney Central Texas
Easy Foster Gulf Coast
2019 Tim McClure North Texas
Lisa Kassman Gulf Coast
2018 Gary Marek Central Texas
Beverly Fornof North Texas
Anne Hildenbrand North Texas
2017 Joseph Irizarry South Texas
Dillon Brady Gulf Coast
Garrett Sullivan South Texas
2016 Marty Burger Central Texas
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