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The geographic area served consists of the state of Virginia.

Region / Chapter Member Care Manager: Edi Francesconi

2022 Virginia Chapter / Southeast Regional Conference

Supporting Fluid Learning   March 6-8, 2022

Supporting Fluid Learning

Hotel Roanoke
Roanoke, VA

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President's Message

What does it mean to be FLUID? – “capable of flowing and easily changing shape”
What does in mean to be ADAPTABLE? – “you are willing to change in order to suit different conditions”
What does it mean to be FLEXIBLE? – “means you can adapt easily, if you are resilient you are able to withstand and recovery quickly from unexpected conditions”

In the midst of our world’s changes we have all accepted that we work, learn and engage differently. We have found new ways to achieve our missions and goals. We have become fluid, adaptable and hopefully flexible. A4LE consists of every aspect of the educational community to drive an understanding of how spaces can influence the best learning outcomes. Every person that touches the student matters whether you are a teacher in the space, an administrator guiding your community, an architect developing the overall building, a designer programming the use of each environment, an engineer making sure the best air quality is considered, a manufacturer developing products to support each one of these resources or a vendor helping to find solutions from all of your experience and expertise – you matter!

We invite you to become involved, to find a passion for driving change that supports equity in each community. Consider the challenges we have all faced and the ways to pull together lessons learned and make our schools even better for our students and our future! Become a member, get involved, join our mid-year program and our spring conference…we are excited to have each and everyone of you!! We hope we can inspire, enlight and support you as we move forward. Stay safe and see you soon!!

Kelly St. Clair
A4LE Virginia Chapter President

2020 Student Design Competition

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The winners of the 2020-2021 Architecture Student Design Competition are:

1st Place

Christian Galindo-Torres – Hampton University
Philana Quan – Virginia Tech

2nd Place

Corey Osman – Hampton University
Anne-Phillipe Kakou – Virginia Tech

Honorable Mention

Gary Glinsey – Hampton University
Jalyn Grays – Hampton University
Ivy Smith – Virginia Tech

Give Back Initiative

Our Virginia Chapter wants to ask our membership to consider how we can help support children that are experiencing homelessness in the midst of the pandemic and having to learn remotely. In speaking with Nicole Lee-Mwandha, the Homeless Education State Coordinator, we learned that some of the best ways we can assist is to give both funding and support to resources that help these students be successful. In the DC market specifically there are two links below you could reach out to – One is for primary students (Bright Beginnings) and the other is for the youth (Sasha Bruce). Or if you’d prefer to support your local homeless shelters please consider doing so. Your assistance will make such a difference!!

Upcoming Events

March 6-9, 2022
2022 Virginia Chapter and Southeast Region Joint Annual Conference
Roanoke, VA

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Cost Data

The Division of Support Services of the Virginia Department of Education compiles construction cost data information for public school buildings each year. The compilation provides cost of construction for individual school projects and average state cost data, by school type.

Click here to see construction cost data from the Virginia Department of Education.
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