Planner of the Year Award Winners

2019 Planner of the Year Award Recipient

Roger Richardson, AIA, REFP

Roger Richardson Always an advocate for thoughtful planning, Roger has endeavored to support and build collaboration among diverse client groups and the design team to envision the most flexible and adaptable spaces for next generation learning. He has championed the process of interior space that is connected to how students learn while promoting comfortable environments that aid in student development. He has consistently planned projects that reflect the unique approach of the district or school and their desired goals. As Principal at Quinn Evans Architects and throughout his career, Roger has contributed his time and expertise to professional organizations including VASS, VASBO, A4LE, and VSBA. Roger was also one of the founding members of the Powhatan Educational Foundation along with participating in community focused groups that support connections between the business and educational community.

Past Planner of the Year Award Winners

2018 Mr. Rob Winstead
2017 Ms. Dian Paulin, NCIDQ, ALEP
2016 Mr. Jim McCalla, REFP
2015 POY not awarded
2014 Mr. William (Bill) Bradley, PhD, AIA, LEED AP, REFP
2013 Mr. John M. Hill, AlA, REFP, LEED AP
2012 POY not awarded
2011 Ms. Robin O'Hara, REFP
2010 POY not awarded
2009 Dr. Thomas H. DeBolt
2008 Ms. Paige Stutz
2007 Mr. Doug Westmoreland
2006 Dr. Glen Earthman
2005 Mr. Jim Copeland, AIA, REFP
2004 Mr. William T. Brown, III, AIA, REFP, LEED AP
2003 Dr. Linda LeMasters
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