Heroes Within Us

Heroes Within Us April 23-26, 2020
Heroes Within Us
The Nines
525 Southwest Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97204
Jill Campbell The non-profit Hough Foundation supports the funding of enrichment programs at Hough Elementary in downtown Vancouver, WA. Hough is a small but very diverse school. The Hough Foundation funds numerous enrichment programs so that children can learn and thrive in their school environment. Most noticeably are the after school programs such as Rhythm Lab (drum group), Glee choir and Garden Club. Each program pays for professionals to work with students on programs of their choice. Most programs have been in place for over 10 years. They also support the Green Team which is a lunch recess program so that all students can participate. The Green Team works on numerous projects to improve their school campus, including art and nature based designs, horticulture and gardening projects, as well as curricula based (science, art, etc.). Research suggests that students that participate in these types of programs are more focused, have lower stress and healthy habits which directly relate to improved social & behavioral goals as well as academic achievements. Many of Hough's students may not have access to such music or gardening in their daily lives without the Foundation's work. We have seen tremendous growth in students, pride & ownership of their work, and successful community events because of these programs. Mission Statement: The Hough Foundation opens doors to opportunity for all students of Hough School, eliminating barriers to learning and creating the conditions that allow every student to thrive and achieve at their highest level. Vision Statement: We are working toward a future when every Hough Elementary student has a clear path to educational success. Students leave Hough School life-ready and education-ready, empowered to actively engage in a world they help create.

Jameson Hawn I think you might be interested in looking at what a great young man is doing to help a low income school in Bellingham, WA. Jameson Hawn, whose wife Tiana is a science teacher at Meridian Middle school, has been contributing his time and money to create realistic creatures in full size for the science classrooms. The kids absolutely love the carvings and it gives a real-life sample for the science classes to discuss. He also carves stunning fish and animals. I thought the A4LE community might enjoy hearing about someone who gives hundreds of hours of his time to create something so special for the kids to enjoy. The images below show his latest masterpiece – an 11 foot Tiger shark that was just hung in the classroom this week. The detail and real-life appearance of the creatures he makes is incredible. Jameson has created 3 carvings that have been displayed in the school, with a 4th one already in the works. So far there is a Raptor that is coming out of the wall, a huge T-Rex that is so big it had to be mounted in the hallway, and the latest is a Tiger shark. He has many more photos of all the animals and fish that he has carved and even has a You Tube video showing how he does it.

Jameson Hawn Jameson Hawn Jameson Hawn

Cheri Hendricks Cheri Hendricks Cheri has been committed to improving education in the NW for over 30 years. In her role as project manager, she has completed dozens of school projects in both the public (Edmonds School District) and private domains (Broadview Associates). More critically, she has been an unwavering advocate for excellence. Excellence in asking what's best for kids; excellence in researching best practices; excellence in innovative programming; excellence in developing rigorous design standards; excellence in developing strategies for an inclusive design approach; excellence in holding everyone's "feet to the fire" (architects, engineers, contractors, owners, teachers, administrators, managers) to achieve projects of the highest caliber. Cheri has served A4LE locally, regionally, and nationally as a leader, a volunteer, a juror and as a lifelong learner. Her leadership on community engagement, programming and design of Edmonds-Woodway HS garnered A4LE's highest project honor, the James McConnell Award. She brings intelligence, discipline and integrity to her work.

Reilly Loveland Reilly Loveland Reilly is an all-around inspiration. Not only does she rock it at her job, but she created and maintains Sustainable Building Week in Portland, and champions the Green Schools Committee of Portland. We are currently celebrating SBW with over 20 sponsor events, hikes, happy hours, and panels, all coordinated and championed by Reilly. She manages conferences, takes care of herself and her two cats, and loves the land (true to her name!). She is one of the best possible candidates for this!

Susan Mangin Ms. Mangin is this week’s Hero for all the work she’s done with students who are interested in architecture but also for her work in SchoolsNEXT. Ms. Mangin is a teacher and architect at Heritage High School. She has been instrumental in teaching students about architecture and has done so at Heritage High School and previously at Benson Polytechnic High School. She has participated in the SchoolsNEXT program and last year 2 of her 15 teams ranked very high, with one of them placing first regionally where the team presented at the A4LE conference in Vancouver, WA. They went on to the Saskatoon conference to present their project. It was impressive what was learned and portrayed through their designs and it was to the teachings of Ms. Mangin. She runs her studio similar to what you would see at a college architecture studio. Because of this, many of her students have pursued careers in architecture (myself included) because of the exposure to an industry that would otherwise be foreign to them.

Susan Mangin Membership Chair, Cascadia Green Building Council Seattle Branch
National Emerging Professionals Recruitment Chair, United States Green Building Council
Member, University of Washington Department of Architecture Professional Advisory Council
Mentor, Various Elementary and High School Sustainability Programs, LEED BD+C

Stacy has a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Washington, and 10 years in the architecture profession. Her resume includes the first LEED for Homes Platinum certified project in Washington State as well as the first project built to Living Building Version 2.0 standards, an elementary school science building in Seattle. As an Associate at KMD Architects, Stacy helped found the firms internal Sustainability Steering Committee and continues to affect change within the firm, to increase their commitment to sustainable practices on all of their projects and initiatives. Her inspiration stems from watching her rural childhood family plot of land be encroached upon and eventually turned into a suburban subdivision of asphalt cul-de-sacs and poorly constructed cookie-cutter homes. She told her mom when she was 8 years old that one day she would design buildings that didn’t cut down trees, and that is what she continues to work for today.

Jonathan Stine Jonathan Stine has been a persistent force in bringing energy efficiency and learning environment enhancements to schools throughout his career. Recently he was the first public school official to bring human-centric lighting (HCL) into the classroom on a large scale. He also oversaw the Direct Digital Controls (DDC) retrofit for the Renton High School. The HCL project included updating 4,500 lighting fixtures to tunable and fixed LEDs. The HCL saves the Renton SD $50,000 a year and has produced an annual maintenance savings of approximately 20%. In terms of carbon, because of this project, the District avoids releasing 322 tons of CO2 a year. The DDC retrofit for the Renton High School involved replacing the existing outdated control system with Alerton I/O controllers and Niagara AX management software. CO2 sensors were also installed to enable demand control ventilation strategies. The project has resulted in over $168,000 in avoided energy costs over three years and a 37% reduction in energy usage at the school. Jonathan’s devotion to saving energy and improving the educational experience has truly been heroic.

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