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2019 Winner & Finalists


Team: Hive Learning Center
Heritage HS
Vancouver, WA
Mentor: Trevor Chayce

Hive Learning Center Hive Learning Center

“The kinesthetic classroom is the biggest classroom in the center, this is because kinesthetic learners learn best through movement and hands on activities, they need space to move around and fiddle with the things in the room. The idea is to allow the room to be open space so they can walk around and mess with their surroundings.”


Team: Gardiner
Gardiner Middle School
Oregon City, OR
Mentor: David Johnson

“We believe in CONNECTING TO NATURE and the WORLD AROUND US. Outside spaces encourage us to relax, feel healthy, and understand how our actions impact not only our community but the world as well. Spaces inside our school should bring the outside in, with beautiful natural views and light, so that when we are learning, we are reflecting and being productive.”

Team: Vector
Lake Oswego Junior High
Lake Oswego, OR
Mentor: Robert Allen

“We have noticed that the learning environment directly affects how well the students pay attention and take in information. The learning spaces that we have in our current schools do not encourage movement, collaboration or innovation. We strove to fix this by creating learning spaces that will serve the student and will provide spaces for them to collaborate by having open spaces for learning.”

Team: Thunder Learning Center
Mountain View HS
Vancouver, WA
Mentor: Nicole Becker

“We want our learning center to be a comforting and modern environment for students and staff to enjoy while participating in academic and social activities; and, at the same time, make it efficient and self-sustainable. We will accomplish this by incorporating self-sustaining physical features, environmental-friendly and low-cost appliances.”

Team: Heritage Study Center
Heritage HS
Vancouver, WA
Mentor: Farleigh Winters

“The first thing we focused on was the theme of the whole building to help guide our design. Our theme was to create a comfortable area with a variety of gathering spaces, access to natural light and a connection with nature to help students have a better learning experience. We created a building with lots of natural light and flexible furniture.”
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