Bylaws of the Northeast Region

Association for Learning Environments

Adopted October, 1971
Amended April, 1978
Amended April, 2001
Amended September, 2010
Amended March, 2011
(New Template) Amended February, 2012

These bylaws supplement the bylaws of the parent organization, Association for Learning Environments (the Association), and are the official bylaws of the Northeast Region. These bylaws are not intended to contradict those of the parent organization. These bylaws may be revised in accordance with Article XV as required by changes made by the parent organization or the regional Board of Directors.


Section 1.1

The name of the regional affiliate of the Association shall be the Northeast Region.


Section 2.1

The Northeast Region shall consist of the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, District of Columbia in the United States and the province(s) of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Quebec in Canada.


Section 3.1

The purpose of these bylaws is to facilitate the implementation of the principles, policies, and procedures of the Association as specified in its Articles of Incorporation.

Section 3.2

The purposes of the Northeast Region of the Association for Learning Environments are:

3.2.1 To exchange, publish and/or disseminate current or emerging ideas, concepts and promising practices in educational facilities planning;

3.2.2 To improve the training programs for educational facility planning specialists in colleges and universities.

3.2.3 To promote advocate for and encourage excellence in the design and use of educational facilities and other built learning facilities.

3.2.4 To join in association with other groups, associations and individuals similarly interested in the promotion of excellence in the design, construction, and use of educational facilities.

3.2.5 To promote the goals, objectives and purposes and Strategic Plan of the International Board of Directors of the Association.

3.2.6 To promote training and quality professional development opportunities for facility planning professionals and educational institutions.

3.2.7 To advocate for a continual improvement to the built learning environment reflecting advances in learning methodology and pedagogy.

3.2.8 To provide a forum for Northeast Region members of the Association to discuss matters of common interest and concern.

3.2.9 To serve as a vehicle for communications, professional growth, and effective decision making in assisting the Association Board of Directors and its Executive Director in attaining its goals.


Section 4.1

The Northeast Region of the Association shall have such powers as may be needed to operate for the charitable, scientific, or educational purposes as specified by the Articles of Incorporation of the Association.


Section 5.1

Any individual, institution, or firm who is a member in good standing with the Association, and resides within the Region shall be considered a member of the Northeast Region. Other categories of membership such as Emeritus or Retired/Permanently Disabled as designated by the Board of Directors of the Association, shall be recognized by the region.

Section 5.2

Membership in the Region will be terminated in accordance with Section 5.9 of the Association Bylaws.


Section 6.1

The leadership and coordination of the activities of the Northeast Region shall be provided by a Board of Directors.

Section 6.2

The Board of Directors shall consist of:

  1. Officers: President, Vice President, President-Elect, and Past President
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. A Regional Representative to the Association Board of Directors
  5. Chapter Presidents or delegates
  6. Membership Chair
  7. Governors

(Note: Individual regions may include additional members on the Board of Directors to reflect individual need. Regions may also elect to combine the Secretary and Treasurer positions.)

The Board of Directors shall establish policy, set conditions of the Region, and be responsible for its governance. All officers and governors must be members in good standing with the Association and shall have the right to vote at all meetings of the Region.

An Executive Committee shall include the President, Vice-President, President-Elect, Past President, and Secretary from the Regional Board of Directors (Regions may elect to include other members of the Board of Directors as part of the Executive Committee.). The responsibility of this committee is to make decisions in a time of emergency or when the board as a whole cannot be available. The committee will respond back to the Board for belated approval. The President has the authority to call this committee together and must notify the other Board members of its intent.

Section 6.3

The officers and governors shall be elected by the membership in accordance with the procedures as detailed in Article XII. Officers and governors will be seated following the Regional meeting held in conjunction with the Annual International Conference of the Association for Learning Environments.

Section 6.4

The officers' duties and terms are as follows:

6.4.1 President: The President shall serve for one year. The office of president shall automatically be filled by the person elected as Vice-President during the preceding year. The President will act as Chair of the Board of Directors, and shall conduct the business of the Region in accordance with the International Bylaws, International Policy and Procedures Guidelines, and the bylaws of the Region. He/she may call special meetings of the Board or Executive Committee whenever it is deemed necessary. He/she shall also call a meeting when requested by a majority of the membership. He/she may serve as an ex-officio member of any committee of the Region. He/she shall perform all duties commensurate with the office.

6.4.2 Vice-President: The Vice-President will automatically succeed to the office of President after a one-year term. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall preside and exercise the power of the President. The Vice-President may be an ex-officio member of any committee of the Region. He/she shall be responsible for planning the Annual Regional Conference.

6.4.3 President-Elect: The President-Elect shall be selected by the membership by ballot in accordance with the procedures detailed in Article XII. He/she will serve as an observer and assist the Vice-President in preparation of becoming the annual conference coordinator and Vice-President. He/she is also responsible for pre-planning the regional conference two years out. The President-Elect may be an ex-officio member of any regional committee.

6.4.4 Immediate Past President: The President shall succeed to the office of Immediate Past President upon completion of a one-year term in office. The Immediate Past President may be responsible for tasks as assigned by the President.

6.4.5 Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and disbursing all funds of the Region. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for the completion and submittal of all required reports to the Association headquarters, and will participate in all audits that may be conducted. The Treasurer shall be elected by a majority of the membership in accordance with procedures detailed in Article XII, and shall serve a three-year term.

The Treasurer, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, shall develop an annual budget for the Region identifying all sources of revenue and proposed allocations of funds for anticipated areas of expenditures. These areas of expenses may include; but not be limited to, Annual Regional Conference, marketing, travel reimbursement, scholarship, office materials and expenses, and research. The budget shall be presented to the membership for its approval at the regional meeting held in conjunction with the Association's Annual International Conference.

6.4.6 Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for performing such administrative duties as may be directed by the Board of Directors, including, but not limited to recording and publishing minutes, creating correspondence, and communications with members. The Secretary shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership in accordance with procedures detailed in Article XII. The Secretary shall serve a three-year term and can be re-elected to one successive term.

6.4.7 Membership Chair: The Membership Chair shall serve as the liaison between the Headquarters and the Northeast Regional Board pertaining to membership efforts and be responsible for promoting membership retention and growth within the region. The Chair shall coordinate all regional membership efforts with those at the chapter level. The Chair will serve as the Chair of the Membership Committee and is tasked with engaging the Governors as well as any chapter level membership liaisons to serve on the Committee.

6.4.8 Governor: Governors shall be responsible for membership and chapter creation for their assigned Area. The Governor is not responsible for sustaining and growing an already existing chapter. (Regions may assign other duties for the Governors based on regional needs.)

Governors shall be elected by and from each state/ province/territory of the Northeast Region. (States/Provinces/Territories may be combined into Areas when membership does not warrant an individual governor.) Governors shall be elected from the membership with regard to diversity of background in facility planning. All positions will serve three-year (3-year) overlapping terms and shall be subject to a maximum two (2) term limit on the Board unless running unopposed. All elections will be held in accordance with procedures as detailed in Article XII.

In the Absence of Chapters, the Governors shall be nominated by the Regional Board of directors.

Section 6.5

The Board of Directors shall establish standing and ad hoc committees as may be needed, including, but not limited to:

    6.5.1 Local Arrangements Committee
    6.5.2 Nominating Committee
    6.5.3 Awards and Recognition Committee
    6.5.4 Membership Committee

Section 6.6

The Board of Directors shall select a member to serve on the Association Conference Content, Governance, Resource Development, Policy/Advocacy, ALEP Commission, and Special Projects Committees. In addition, two members must be selected to serve on the Association Communications Committee.


Section 7.1

The Northeast Region shall conduct an annual conference or other activity for its membership and guests. The location of the meeting shall be rotated throughout the region and should be identified at least one (1) year in advance. The annual conference shall be planned by the Local Arrangements Committee and may utilize any resources available at the Association Headquarters.

Section 7.2

The Northeast Region shall also conduct a meeting of the membership in conjunction with the Association Annual International conference. This meeting will mark the beginning of all terms of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Section 7.3

The President may call a meeting of the Executive Committee as required to carry out the business of the Region. These meetings may be teleconferenced, conference calls, or regular meetings as required. Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings shall be distributed to the membership as soon as practical following each meeting.

Section 7.4

The President may call a meeting of the Board of Directors as may be required to carry out the business of the Region. A simple majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum to transact business. Minutes of all Board meetings shall be distributed to the membership as soon as practical following each meeting.


Section 8.1

No dues will be required for membership in the regional or chapter organization(s). Activities will be financed through funds received from the Association, and funds raised at the annual regional or chapter conference or other regional activities through registration, vendor fees, or sponsorships. The registration fee will be established annually by the local arrangements committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 8.2

All members must be in good standing with the Association and current with the payment of their dues.


Section 9.1

The Awards and Recognition Committee shall select individuals for the Distinguished Service Award, Service Citation, Planner of the Year and all other awards in accordance with the Association policy guidelines and procedures. Regions may create companion regional awards and establish their procedures for selecting nominees.

Section 9.2

A Regional President's Award may be awarded at the discretion of the President.


Section 10.1

The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority on all questions or parliamentary law and proceedings. This authority shall govern the Association in all cases to which the rules therein are applicable, and in which the said rules are not inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.


Section 11.1

In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President, if available and in good standing, shall at once succeed to the Office of President and shall serve for the remainder of the term in the capacity and shall continue in the office as President for the ensuing year.

Section 11.2

If a vacancy occurs in the Office of Vice-President, the President-Elect, if available and in good standing, shall at once succeed to the Office of Vice-President, shall serve the remainder of the term and shall continue for the ensuring year.

Section 11.3

If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President-Elect, the Board of Directors shall appoint an acting President-Elect from the current membership. If the vacancy occurs less than three months prior to a scheduled election, the Board may defer action.

Section 11.4

If a vacancy occurs in the Office of Governor, the President in consultation with the Membership Chair shall select an individual who shall serve for the remainder of the term subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Should the vacancy occur less than one year from the end of the term, the individual selected shall continue for the succeeding term.

Section 11.5

If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Secretary or Treasurer, the President shall appoint an individual to serve for the remainder of the term, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 11.6

If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Regional Representative to the International Board with one year or less remaining in the term, the Regional President shall appoint an individual to serve for the remainder of the term, subject to approval of the Board of Directors. If more than one year remains in the term, a special election shall be held to fill the position pursuant to Article XII – Elections. Said election is for a full three-year term.


Section 12.1

The Nominating Committee shall nominate two (2) candidates for each regional and international office for which the term is scheduled to expire or for which there is a vacancy. The membership may submit additional nominations during the business meeting at the annual Regional Conference. All nominations shall be placed on a ballot for voting prior to the Association Annual International Conference. The dates for balloting shall be established by the Nominating Committee in consultation with the Association Headquarters staff.

Section 12.2

Each candidate may create promotional material detailing qualifications, reasons for seeking office, and other information pertinent to the office. These materials shall be transmitted to the Association Headquarters where they will be electronically mailed to the membership of the Region. Individual members may provide letters of support for a particular candidate in the same manner. No letters of support from the Association members from outside the Region will be permitted.

Section 12.3

Voting for all vacancies and available positions shall be accomplished by secret ballot. Ballots will be available electronically from the Association Headquarters during a designated voting period. Ballots will be counted by an independent firm designated by the Association headquarters. Results will be forwarded to the Regional President for dissemination to the Membership.

Section 12.4

A nominee shall be elected if they receive a simple majority of the votes cast. In the event no nominee receives a majority of the votes cast, a run-off election shall be held as soon as practical between the two nominees receiving the most votes.

Section 12.5

Association Headquarters staff in consultation with the Regional President, shall establish procedures to ensure each member only casts one vote.


Section 13.1

Regional officers may be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses incurred in the execution of their duties. All members of the Board of Directors and International Board member(s) may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement for meals (not including alcohol), hotel, travel, and registration fees. Reimbursement will be limited by the annual budgeted funds, and the maximum amount of reimbursement will be determined by the Executive Committee on an annual basis.

Reimbursement requests shall be submitted to the Treasurer no later than 30 days after the expenses were incurred. All expenses must be accompanied by the appropriate detailed receipts. Request for reimbursement submitted after 30 days must be accompanied by a letter stating the reasons for the late submittal. The Treasurer and President shall review the request, and provided no additional clarifications or documentation are required, the Treasurer shall provide the reimbursement up to the amount authorized by the budget.


Section 14.1

The Northeast Region shall develop a strategic plan which supplements and implements the goals and objectives contained in the Association's Strategic Plan. The plan shall be for at least five (5) years and shall be reviewed and updated annually. Development of the Strategic Plan shall be accomplished as directed by the Board of Directors.


Section 15.1

These bylaws may be amended by submitting any proposed changes in writing to the Board of Directors no later than sixty (60) calendar days prior to the Board meeting to be held in conjunction with the Annual Regional Conference. Copies of the proposed changes shall be transmitted to the membership for their review and comment for a period of thirty (30) days. Copies of the final proposed amendment(s) will be made available at the business meeting held at the Annual Regional Conference. The amendment(s) will be approved or rejected for submittal to the International Board of Directors by a simple majority of those present and voting. The proposed amendment(s) will be considered by the International Board at its earliest opportunity. Upon approval by the International Board of Directors, the Regional bylaws will be updated to reflect the approved changes.


Section 16.1

As an affiliate of the Association, the Region shall conduct its activities and financial matters in accordance with all rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service so as to not adversely affect the tax-exempt status of the Association.


Section 17.1

The Northeast Region will promote chapter development.

Section 17.2

Local chapters may be formed within the region subject to approval of formal bylaws by the regional Board of Directors and the International Board of Directors.

Section 17.3

The Region, based upon limitations of the budget, shall provide start-up funds for a chapter. Upon approval of the chapter bylaws, the Treasurer shall transfer the approved start-up funds to the chapter.

Section 17.4

The region, upon approval of the appropriate resolution, may recommend the dissolution of a chapter. This action shall be subject to the approval of the International Board of Directors.


Section 18.1

In the event of dissolution of the Northeast Region of the Association, all property funds and assets will, after payment of all liabilities, be delivered to and become property of the Association for Learning Environments.
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