Award Programs

LEsolutions Planning and Design Awards

The Association recognizes planning and design projects within the following categories:

  • James D. MacConnell

    The James D. MacConnell Award recognizes an outstanding, comprehensive planning process, which results in educational facilities that serve the needs of students, staff, and the community, and facilitate student achievement. Emphasizing the connection between the planning process and the end-result, a healthy, high-performing school facility, uniquely assesses how well a school facility supports the academic program of the school district. With on-site interviews of students, school staff, community stakeholders and the design team, the jury thoroughly evaluates the entire process of building a school.

  • LEsolutions

    The LEsolutions Awards recognize learning environments that positively impact teaching and learning and are a result of a sound planning process.

Solution Provider

The Solution Provider Award is designed to highlight innovation in materials, technology, products and services that are key elements in defining healthy, high performance schools. New and improved products stimulate the life and growth of our educational facilities. This competition recognizes the results of those efforts and the foresight of the companies whose policies bring new products to the marketplace.

Lifetime Achievement

The annual Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest and most distinguished honor conferred by the Association. Selection is made by the Lifetime Achievement Committee. The jury consists of the Immediate Past President as the Chairperson, plus one member appointed by each region.

Fellow Designation

The Fellow designation is bestowed on individuals who have consistently contributed to the association in the highest manner possible. A Fellow is the most respected member of the Association for Learning Environments community. They represent the mark of excellence in the industry in which they serve and are recognized as those that advanced the association and its mission.

Kelley Tanner Innovation Award

The Kelley Tanner Innovation Award showcases ideas and initiatives that explore and implement inventive approaches to navigating complex and changing external contexts for teaching, learning, supporting and operating educational facilities. This award is designed to showcase and celebrate – and even stimulate – innovative and pioneering practices that enhance learning, our profession, and the communities we serve.