2022 Planning & Design Awards

Criteria & Instructions

Any project designed and/or built within the last 5-years can be submitted for review. Projects are rated by individual jury members on a numeric scale of 1-10 based on the following criteria:
  • School & Community Research and/or Engagement
  • Planning Process and Project Results
  • Educational Environment Design
  • Physical Environment Design
  • Sustainability and Wellness
Each project has the potential of scoring 50 points.

Submittal Process

All projects must have been completed after January 1, 2017.

  1. Online registration and identification of the following must be done prior to sending the application materials. The Jury may award one or more projects in each category.

    • Identify category of the Planning & Design Awards
      • Project of Distinction – These awards recognize projects that positively impact the learning in a community and best satisfy the criteria. Projects in this category can be awarded a Project of Distinction or Honorable Mention Award. Projects that are submitted to the MacConnell award but are not named as Finalists will be considered in this category.
      • Post-Secondary Education – Innovative learning environments for post-secondary education.
      • Renovation – This recognizes a renovation project that transforms a physical space from a previous era of educational delivery to a learning environment for current instruction.
      • Small / Special Project – This is awarded to a specialized space such as: outdoor space, kitchen, addition, media center, gymnasium, community room, etc.
    • Identify project (name, location, district, configuration, etc.)
    • Identify key firms / individuals of the process.

  2. Project Dossier. To address the criteria and illustrate the successful story of your project, please assemble a PDF document of no more than 15-pages in length and no larger than 20 MB. Include as many photographs and/or images as necessary to illustrate and describe the process and overall project. Please avoid solicitation of any particular brand or firm involved in the project. Please use a minimum 10 or 12 point font and more graphic depictions and illustrations are encouraged. Paper size shall be 8 ½” x 11”; either portrait or landscape orientation.

    The dossier should include the following sections:
    • Executive Summary—describe the overall goals and outcomes of the project
      • Focus on each category in the written summary
    • Scope of Work and Budget
    • School & Community Research and/or Engagement (10 points)
      • Describe the Community
      • Identify stakeholders
      • Name challenges
      • Describe available assets
      • Describe value of process and project to community at large
    • Educational Environment Design (10 points)
      • Explain the educational vision and goals of the school
      • Depict & illustrate how the designed environment supports the curriculum
      • Depict & illustrate how the designed environment supports a variety of learning & teaching styles
      • Depict & illustrate how the environment is adaptable and flexible
    • Physical Environment Design (10 points)
      • Depict & illustrate the site plan
      • Depict & illustrate the physical attributes of the environment
      • Depict & illustrate how the facility fits within the larger context of the community
      • Describe & illustrate how the project inspires and motivates
    • Results of the Process & Project (10 points)
      • Describe & illustrate how the project achieves educational goals and objectives
      • Describe & illustrate how the project achieves school district goals
      • Describe & illustrate how the project achieves community goals
      • Describe & illustrate any unintended results and achievements of the process & project
    • Sustainability and Wellness (10 points)
      • Describe & illustrate the energy-efficiency within the solution
      • Describe & illustrate durable and green materials relating to maintenance
      • Describe & illustrate the healthy environmental aspects

  3. Dossier Specifications

    • All dossier files should be in PDF format and not to exceed 20 MB. Files exceeding the 20 MB will not be submitted to the jury
    • Either portrait or landscape layout can be used. Please consider that many jurors will review the material in electronic format
    • Name the Dossier the project name: Meadowlark_Dossier

  4. Display Board Specifications (display at LearningSCAPES is included the registration fee)

    • Submit two PDF files of a 20x40 display; one with a company logo and one without.
    • Name the files the project name:
      • Meadowlark_Display
        1. Firm information may not be included
        2. School, District, Location may be identified
        3. This file will be used by the jury
      • Meadowlark_Display_Logo
        1. Firm information and logo may be included
        2. School, District, Location may be identified
        3. This file will be used to print the display board for LearningSCAPES exhibit
    • Graphics should illustrate the key components of the project.
    • Boards can include text to tell the story and/or draw focus and attention to a particular component of the project.
    • Include a brief description of the scope of project and budget.
  5. Photo Release Form. Please complete, sign, and include the photo release form in the submittal transmission. One release per project.


Planning & Design Awards
Member 1 Project $600
Member 2 Projects $850
Member 3 Projects $1,000
Member 4 Projects $1,100
Non-Member 1 Project $750
Non-Member 2 Projects $950
Non-Member 3 Projects $1,250
Non-Member 4 Projects $1,550
Non-Juried (Per Project) $200


All projects will be displayed on a 20X40 board at the LearningSCAPES conference. The display board is included in the registration fee.


Key Dates for 2022
March – June 1 Registration
June 17 Application Materials Due
July – August Jury Review
October Award Winners Announced
October Projects Displayed at  LearningSCAPES

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