Association for Learning Environments is unique! Our principal purpose is improving the places where children learn. We embrace a diverse community of more than 5,000 professionals with one single goal – building healthy, safe and resilient 21st century learning environments. Unlike other associations, our membership is made up of nearly every discipline involved in school planning, construction, and maintenance. From product suppliers, to architects in the field, to school district facilities superintendents, we work to serve the needs of this profession. Every member matters in the Association for Learning Environments and our strength lies in our diversity. We are stronger together!

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  • Unparalleled networking and establishing professional relationships with colleagues worldwide.
  • Share best practices with fellow members – architects, facility planners, school district administrators, state and federal agencies, policy makers, manufacturers and suppliers via Members Forum.
  • Participate in a variety of professional development opportunities.
  • Upgrade your professional skills through our continuing education program.
  • Access our job board, members' directory and other resources vital to your professional growth.
  • Present at seminars, conferences, symposia and webinars to enhance your business relationships.
  • Maintain real world competencies through accredited programs and international awards as well as the premier certification of the profession, Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP).

Commercial Sector Memberships

COMMERCIAL SECTOR MEMBERSHIPS apply to all private firms, architects, engineers, educational planners, industrial members, and others that do not fall under the School District/Public Authority Membership. Firms may choose to join utilizing a group membership that corresponds to the number of members they wish to include. It is important to note that the company is not the member; rather the individuals named are members. All memberships are for a one-year period and are based on membership anniversary date.

Group One: up to 3 individuals – $855
Group Two: 4 to 6 individuals – $1360
Group Three: 7 to 10 individuals – $2100
Group Four: 11 to 15 individuals – $2880
Group Five: 16 to 20 individuals – $3660
Group Six: 21 to 30 individuals – $4890
Individual: $300
Student: $75

School District/Public Authority Memberships

SCHOOL DISTRICT/PUBLIC AUTHORITY MEMBERSHIPS applies to all PK-12 school districts, colleges, universities, departments of education employees, educational service centers and government agency staff. “Primary Members” are eligible to vote, hold office, and receive any hard copy material from the association. Allotted Primary Members, to be named by the district, will appoint as many “Associate Members” in the district as they wish. Associate Members will be eligible to receive all access to information, documents, electronic material, discounts, certification, etc. Individual members who wish to join as individuals and not be part of a group program may join as an individual member. All memberships are for a one-year period and are based on membership anniversary date.

Group 1: Student population of less than 10K – $220
2 Primary Members
Unlimited Associate Members
Group 2: Student population of 10-60K – $475
5 Primary Members
Unlimited Associate Members
Group 3: Student Population greater than 60K – $1250
10 Primary Members
Unlimited Associate Members
Individual: $135
Student: $75

Dues payments are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. Dues payments may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense subject to restrictions based on individual circumstances. *The Association for Learning Environments is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Upon request, a tax receipt will be issued for tax-deduction purposes. Federal ID# 38-1774261.

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Individuals/Groups Located in Australia, Oceania (excluding Hawaii), and South East Asia please contact Helen Murray at the Association for Learning Environments Australasia Ltd.

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