The content of this session/workshop will focus on the approaches, methods and applications when transitioning from design and concept into reality, actual existence through quality performance, execution and/or product. For example: construction, detailing, fixture/furnishing/equipment, technology, materials, sustainability, maintenance and operations, delivery options, etc.

Optimizing Daylighting: Balanced Approach for Today’s Learning Environments (2019 North Carolina Chapter Conference)

Neighborhood Watch: Designing for Community and Security in the Modern World (2019 Northeast Region Conference)
Found Opportunities: Discovering a Sustainable Vision through Collaboration for the Learning Environment (2019 Northeast Region Conference)

Monarch School “Launch Pointe” – hands-on education for homeless teens (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
A Quick(er) Transition – Research-Based Strategies for Making a Holistic Shift from Traditional to ‘Innovative’ Facilities (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Closet to Classroom (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Environmental STEM in an Urban Context (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Real World, Hands-on and Integrated: Exploring facilities for STEAM and Career Technical Education (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
(RE) Thinking Security and Safety in the School Environment: Inviting to the Community and Safe for our Children (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
A Discussion of Planning Techniques and Tips – Making It Fun and Purposeful (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Greening of Schoolyards – Expanding Learning Opportunities Across the Campus (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)

Makerspaces: From Elementary Schools to College Campuses (2018 Southern Region Conference)
Integrating Campus Security into Environmental Design (2018 Southern Region Conference)

Global Innovations in Place – Conducting an Educational and Facilities Master Plan for Boston Public Schools (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
A Revised Lesson Plan for Student Success (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Next Gen Technologies Worth Watching (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)

The WELL Building Standard: Evolution of Next Generation Design (2017 Southern Region Conference)
Harnessing History: Restoration though Modern Technology and Traditional Techniques (2017 Southern Region Conference)
The Hazards Associated with Mercury containing Polymeric Floors installed in School Gymnasiums (2017 Southern Region Conference)

Phased, Occupied K-12 School Modernizations (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)

Energy Supply Management & Impact of Alberta Climate Leadership Plan (2016 Alberta Chapter Conference)

The Importance of Selecting the Right Structural System for Your School Building (2016 Washington Chapter Conference)