The content of this session/workshop will focus on the importance of quality processes and practices implemented by the project team when creating learning environments. The who, what, when and how of various disciplines and applications. For example: project phases (Planning, Design, Project Management, Construction) approaches, specific expertise of discipline(s), etc.

Best Design Practices for School Security (2019 North Carolina Chapter Conference)

21st Century School Site Planning (2019 South Carolina Chapter Conference)
Brown is the New Green: The Prats, Pitfalls and Benefits of Building Schools on Brownfield Sites (2019 South Carolina Chapter Conference)

Values Matter: Changing the Culture of Education (2019 Northeast Region Conference)

Strengthening Neighborhoods through their Schools: Lessons Learned from DC for Urban School Revitalization Programs (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Resilience Strategies for Communities, Facilities, Learners (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Unconference for Organizational Resilience (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
#AISDFuture – Building it Together (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Reimagining the Student Experience (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Material Transparency and Healthier Choices: Building Local Advocacy with Global Impact (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
How Do We Get There From Here? Master Planning Best Practices for Existing Schools (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Tapping into the Creative Potential of Teachers and Students as Designers (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)

#AISDFuture – Building it Together (2018 Southern Region Conference)
Get Academic ROI on Your Facilities (2018 Southern Region Conference)
Community Engagement for School Design: A Cautionary Tale (and its resolution) (2018 Southern Region Conference)
STEMA Vicenza – The student centered Vicenza High School charrette process (2018 Southern Region Conference)
Reimagining the Student Experience (2018 Southern Region Conference)

Hacking the School Building: An innovator's guide to future ready learning environments | Part II (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Beyond Design Project Zero (DP0): How design thinking can jump start the creative process in planning for innovative learning environments (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
The Critical Investment into Outdoor Education: An Investment too Valuable to Ignore (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Student Voice: Ever asked a student how to build a school? (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
IPD – The Red Deer Catholic Story (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Calculating School Capacity: Strategies for the New Generation of Learners (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Make a Difference: Design Schools to Benefit Learning (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
The Three P's...People, Pinterest and Programming: Planning a school for homeless children in Oklahoma City (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Designing for Change – Hands and Mind (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
The Anatomy of a Successful Project: Exploring the Tension, Synergy and Symbiosis Among Architecture, Engineering and Educational Planning in the Design Process (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)

Setting the Bar in Lafayette (2017 Southern Region Conference)
Developing Districtwide Educational Specifications and Customizing Them Into Curriculum Specific Versions....or how we learned to herd cats (2017 Southern Region Conference)

We Need a Facilities Master Plan...Now What? (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
A High School Revolution: Leaving Old High School Designs in the Past (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)