The content of this session/workshop will focus on how we learn and/or how the physical environment responds specifically to various methods of instruction, pedagogies, learning styles, or learning trends. For example: brain research, education reform and trends, technology, educator/student perspective, 21st-century skills, etc.

Yes, you can have it too! Case studies of STEM upgrades in existing schools (2019 North Carolina Chapter Conference)

Ahead of the Tide: Federal Schools Leading the Way to 21st Century Learning Environments (2019 South Carolina Chapter Conference)
The Changing Architecture of Education (2019 South Carolina Chapter Conference)

What Do I Do with My Stuff? The Shift from Professional Neighbors to Professional Roommates (2019 Northeast Region Conference)
Beyond the Classroom: Preparing Students for the Future through Vocational Education (2019 Northeast Region Conference)
What, No Library!?! (2019 Northeast Region Conference)
Project-based Learning in a Sustainable School: A Key to Supporting Young Adult Success (2019 Northeast Region Conference)
All Students are Not Alike: Accommodating Diverse Student Needs through Varieties of Meaningful Learning Environments (2019 Northeast Region Conference)

How Buildings Teach Kindness; inspiring social emotional learning in an Illinois School District that chooses kindness as their mission (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
How Design Thinking, Project Based Learning and Innovation focused STEM Curriculum initiatives are informing our contemporary learning environments (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Reimagining Spaces for Tomorrow’s Thinkers (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Inclusive Environments for Teaching and Learning (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Growth Mindset Incubator: A Case Study (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Student Innovation Teams: Developing A Culture of Innovation To Drive 21st Century Change (2018 LearningSCAPES Conference)

The A4LE UTA School of Architecture Schools Studio Partnership (2018 Southern Region Conference)

Parallels of CTE, PBL and STEM at Work in Education (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Inspired By Design (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Gaming the System (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Classroom or Career: When you Get to a Fork in the Road, Take It (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
STEM at the Elementary Level (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Transformational Strategies: Taking Existing Spaces into the 21st Century (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Modern Instructional Mindsets, Modern Learning Spaces: When Learning Needs Drive Design Decisions (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
How to Make Learning Commons Really Work: A research based evaluation explores how to assure that a Learning Commons is really an effective learning environments (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Architecture for Pedagogy and Urban Renewal: Designing the Future (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
9 Questions (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Whole School Sustainability 101: Leading Green Schools for Vibrant Purposeful Learning (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
The Innovation Campus: Student-Driven Learning for the NEXT Century (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)

The Learning Village: Building Connections, Empowering Change (2017 Southern Region Conference)
"Prove It" – Empowering STEM Students through Project Based Learning (2017 Southern Region Conference)

The Learning Revolution and What it Means for Learning Spaces (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Revolutions Per Minute: How West Philly High and The Workshop School are Transforming the Lives of Learners Everyday (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Linguistics, Learning and the Language of the Design Response (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Spark of Madness: Unlocking Creative Curiosity (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
21st Century Learning: How Well Are the Spaces We’re Designing Actually Working for Students and Teachers? (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Inclusive Learning Environments: Designing for Diverse Learners (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
A Day in the Life...Learners and the Places They Learn (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Beyond Zero-Energy: The Creation of Discovery Elementary and its Community of Explorers (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
“The Third Teacher” – A Primer for Linking the Environment to the Transformation of Teaching & Learning (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)

The Future of Libraries: Incubation Space for Learning (2016 Washington Chapter Conference)

The Missing Link: It’s About the Learning (2016 Southwest Region Conference)
Playing is Learning – Valley View Early Learning Center (2016 Southwest Region Conference)
Makerspace "A Case Study" (2016 Southwest Region Conference)
Maker is an Idea, Not a Destination (2016 Southwest Region Conference)