The content of this session/workshop will focus on the circumstances that form the setting for the design and construction of specific learning environments and characteristics that distinguishes the project from other applications. For example: community, partnerships, community engagement, grade level structure, urban or rural setting, etc.

Designing and Constructing High Performance Envelope for Schools (2018 Southern Region Conference)
Sharing HEARTS Across the Pond (2018 Southern Region Conference)
Stepping It Up: Elevating the District Brand (2018 Southern Region Conference)
From Cradle to Career: A deeper dive into the Educational Village Concept (2018 Southern Region Conference)
A Look at Educational Facilities with Resilience in Mind (2018 Southern Region Conference)

Doing More with Less (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Outdoor Learning Environments: An Opportunity to Incorporate Authentic Local Elements and to Enhance their Potential with Community-School Collaboration (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Creating a New Early Learning Environment? Learn how to navigate the design and construction of educational environments for Pre-K students (2017 LearningSCAPES Conference)

The XQ Institute: New Places and Spaces for Learning (2017 Southern Region Conference)
The Unsinkable Chalmette High School – A Story of Rebirth in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (2017 Southern Region Conference)
Building More on Less: A Comparative Study for Inner-Urban Schools (2017 Southern Region Conference)

EPA Smart School Siting Tool: A new tool for engaging community stakeholders in smart school siting decisions (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)
Disruption Down Under: New Schools for a Changing World (2016 LearningSCAPES Conference)

Design Build 101: the Good, the Bad, the Better (2016 Alberta Chapter Conference)

Building Green / Keeping Green School (2016 Washington Chapter Conference)

21st Century Space Inspiring 21st Century Education – Gladden Farms Elementary (2016 Southwest Region Conference)