General Overview


What is planning and why is it important?

According to Wikipedia, planning is "the (psychological) process of thinking about the activities required to create a desired future on some scale. The term is also used to describe the formal procedures used in such an endeavor, such as the creation of documents, diagrams, or meetings to discuss the important issues to be addressed, the objectives to be met, and the strategy to be followed."

When it comes to educational facilities, planning is essential. Years of research have suggested a linkage between school facilities and student achievement. Improvements in test scores, and reductions in disciplinary issues have been linked to good, well maintained school facilities. The correct planning processes in the design of school facilities will help maximize the likelihood that students will perform at their highest levels. The basic foundation for many of these processes can be found in "Creating Connections – The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning". This PDF is a preview of the guide. If you would like to purchase, please contact the Association.

As far as Disaster Preparedness, there is no single planning document that can prepare a school district for the devastation associated with a natural disaster, or with the risks associated with an act of violence in a school. However, there is no worse action than no action.

This guide is meant to be a tool to assist school districts in planning, managing and preparing for a disaster. The recommendations are based on experience, and they represent best practices. This guide should be the beginning of a district wide emergency plan, developed as a joint effort by all the stakeholders, and that includes all the necessary documents to prepare, manage and recover from a disaster.

It is important to also know that once a plan is created, it needs to be reviewed and revised as needed on a frequent basis. Training, education, and communication are also key components of a disaster recovery plan.

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