Food Service

Appropriate preparation to weather a storm or event by Food Service professionals can streamline the ability of facilities to return to normal operations, or to serve as support personnel for first responders during an actual event. Precautions performed to mitigate damage and to protect assets can help maintain an umbilical that can be utilized as a support mechanism to first responders or evacuees. Having Food Service, or Student Nutrition Personnel involved in crisis planning and recovery is key to maintaining a comprehensive plan.

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Before the Event

  1. Establish a Food Service Team:

    1. Identify key personnel and develop response team:

      1. Food Service Director
      2. Assistant Director (if applicable)
      3. Area Supervisor (if applicable)
      4. Staff Members
      5. Purchasing
      6. Facilities Director
      7. Maintenance Supervisor
      8. Transportation

    2. Designate their areas of responsibility and authority – Training
    3. Food service department responsibilities checklist

  2. Develop partnerships:

    1. Manufacturers, Dealers and Food Brokers
    2. MOU on cooperative efforts, where applicable and feasible
    3. Possible partnerships with other school districts to "buddy" during recovery

  3. Record keeping:

    1. Maintain accurate inventory of existing equipment and product volume for ease of replacement.
    2. Secure documentation of governmentally required records; reimbursable and recent payments from state and federal agencies.

  4. Planning strategies

    1. Designate school or schools (as required) as facility to serve district population.

      1. Pre-determine sites most suited to provide for displaced populations

    2. Provide access to emergency generator for food service equipment or arrange for delivery after an event.

      1. Verify possibility of energizing equipment through an auxiliary power supply. Pre-determine industries or rental equipment suppliers for availability of equipment.

    3. Provide electrical circuit at service yard of school to allow for portable cooler / freezer.

      1. Consider also umbilical connectors to power equipment inside facility from service area.

    4. Provide for bulk food storage within district warehouse or increase food storage square footage within high school.
    5. Provide separate water storage.

      1. Flood prone areas may necessitate moving of water and supplies to second floors or higher elevations.

    6. Complete pre-hurricane check list.
    7. Consider utilizing culinary kitchen area for food production, if located on second floor.

      1. Some facilities may house a culinary preparation area that could serve as temporary facilities for student nutrition, or areas to serve first responders.

Immediately Prior to the Event

  1. Receiving

    1. Remove all trash / loose items from service yard.
    2. Secure dumpster covers.
    3. Move all bread racks from receiving dock into main kitchen area.
    4. Move all milk crates from receiving dock into main kitchen area.
    5. Inspect refrigeration system housing cover, tighten if loose.

  2. Dry Storage

    1. Move all items from bottom tier of shelving and dunnage racks.

      1. Flood prone areas should prepare for storm surge or incidental flooding

  3. Cold Storage Assembly

    1. Place sign on cooler and freezer doors stating "Doors to be kept closed during power outage."

      1. Guard refrigerated areas by keeping doors closed, sealing cold air in. These areas cold also be sealed with tape should preparation time permit.

    2. Move all items from bottom tier of shelving and dunnage racks.

  4. Preparation Area

    1. Move all counter top items to dry storage room; slicers, mixers, food processors etc.

      1. Consolidate equipment for protection and ease of inventory.

After the Event

  1. Assess extent of damage to each kitchen, equipment and supplies. Determine scope of repair and replacement efforts required.

  2. Distribute food product, paper and chemical supplies to designated school from district warehouse.