Bill Latham

Bill Latham

Chief Executive Officer & Senior Program Designer, Meteor

Bill Latham is a leader in the design and implementation of integrated, high impact learning experiences & environments. For more than 15 years, he has consulted with schools, districts, and governmental agencies across the Western Hemisphere on the design, equipping, and implementation of classroom and school environments aligned to critical learning priorities. He and his team have directly served more than 1,000 schools in the United States alone.

Focused on the strong interplay between pedagogy and support spaces, Bill is a leading global advocate for the constant, consistent support of best-practice instruction through living classroom environments. He and his team’s designs have led to measurable increases in basic literacy, collaborative learning, and complexity of student tasks at all grade levels. Mr. Latham is connected with leading global researchers and academics in the field, employing the latest best practice findings as he leads design work for classrooms, school buildings and broader school systems.

Bill is a notable speaker, trainer and consultant on issues related to space design and the integration of instructional practice and learning environments. Schools and districts who have partnered on his designs have received numerous awards and recognitions including Microsoft Global Demonstration Site, LEED Certification, and a Texas Instrument’s global model of implementation.

Mr. Latham lives in Central Florida with his wife and three children. He is active in martial arts with his children and competes at a national level.

Irene Nigaglioni

Irene Nigaglioni, AIA, ALEP, LEED AP BD+C

President, In2Architecture

Irene offers varied experience in programming, design and project management for institutional facilities. She has completed hundreds of school projects ranging from Master Plans and Facilities Assessments, to High Schools, Stadia and District Service Facilities.

Irene has earned national recognition for her concentrated efforts in research and programming for educational environments. She has become one of the foremost industry experts in cutting-edge programming and design applications for high school facilities. She has served in leadership roles for national associations dedicated to educational environments, including serving as Chair for the Association for Learning Environments and earning the title of Planner of the Year.

Irene has been published in numerous educational facility publications, and she serves as one of the instructors on the Association's Educational Facilities Course. She is married to Steve and has one son, Kyle, who is 12.

Desiree Moodley

Desiree Moodley

I am a South African educator, teacher educator, and doctoral student living in New York. I have held several professional titles over my 34 years of experience in primary, secondary, and tertiary education, among which were teacher, senior teacher, mentor teacher, Academic Head, Head of Department, Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Facilitator, Curriculum Developer, and most recently, Lecturer. However, it is lifelong learner that I find most comfortable. This latter title has informed all of my other titles as over the years I have had to educate and re-educate myself through all the necessary and challenging changes I found myself facing in teaching the full gamut of Grade 1 to post-graduate students during my professional career.

My contribution to education in the main has been in teaching and learning, and curriculum. My involvement as a teacher, academic, and author in singular and collaborate participation has been in developing and facilitating the new post-Apartheid curriculum in South Africa as well as co-authoring a number of text books, to name a few.

I believe that learning is Love. Love of children, love of learning, love of subjects, love of the world, love of people, love of nature, etc. all of which may be experienced and imparted for full appreciation of living in this planet. It is my desire that education will come to embody a space in which human beings may come to love and appreciate who and where they are as lifelong learners for themselves, for others, and for the environment.