Rob Pillar

Rob Pillar, ALEP, AIA

Butler, PA

Rob is an educational facilities planner and architect with over 31 years of experience dedicated to improving teaching and learning environments. His portfolio of work including district wide master plans, educational visioning, and architectural design has received national recognition from the American Institute of Architects as well as the Association for Learning Environments. He has collaborated on projects throughout northeastern United States, Canada, and the Middle East. Rob earned his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Kent State University, and an advanced certificate in educational facilities planning from San Diego State University. He has been an active member of the Association since 1998 and has served many roles in support of the organization including: NE region leadership, LEsolutions and McConnell award jury chair, and numerous committee positions.

Sue Robertson

Sue Robertson

Ms. Robertson integrates experience in the fields of education and design into her work as an educational planner. She has a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and has worked as an educator from elementary through university levels. Additionally, she holds a Master's degree from Florida State University in Interior Design and experience in space planning for educational facilities as well as commercial office buildings. In 2004, Ms. Robertson co-authored the Assocation's cornerstone publication, Creating Connections: The CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility Planning.

Aaron Jobson

Aaron Jobson, AIA, ALEP

Principal Quattrocchi Kwok Architects
Aaron comes from a family of educators and has a passion for creating dynamic, sustainable learning environments. For the past 20 years he has worked on the full spectrum of school projects in Northern California. Aaron’s work, passion and advocacy has garnered his reputation as a leader on how school facility design directly impacts academic success – a subject on which he has spoken about at national education conferences. He has been an advocate for school facilities in the areas of energy efficiency, co-founding the School Energy Coalition, and high performance schools with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) as Co-Chair of the CHPS California Advisory Committee and on the board of directors. In 2015, Jobson completed advanced certificate in educational facilities planning from San Diego State University and was certified as an ALEP.

Irene Nigaglioni

Irene Nigaglioni, AIA, ALEP, LEED AP BD+C

President, In2Architecture
Irene offers varied experience in programming, design and project management for institutional facilities. She has completed hundreds of school projects ranging from Master Plans and Facilities Assessments, to High Schools, Stadia and District Service Facilities.

Irene has earned national recognition for her concentrated efforts in research and programming for educational environments. She has become one of the foremost industry experts in cutting-edge programming and design applications for high school facilities. She has served in leadership roles for national associations dedicated to educational environments, including serving as Chair for the Association for Learning Environments and earning the title of Planner of the Year.

Irene has been published in numerous educational facility publications, and she serves as one of the instructors on the Association's Educational Facilities Course. She is married to Steve and has one son, Kyle, who is 12.

Sandra Duncan

Sandra Duncan, EdD

Through A Child’s Eyes: How Classroom Design Inspires Learning & Wonder
Children need beauty in their environment…Inspiring Spaces for Young Children: Aesthetics and a Sense of Wonder
  • Beauty of nature to have kinesthetic and visual textures
  • Plastics vs Nature
  • Reading is all about attention and observation skills
  • Observe it in wonder, become a better reader
  • Space and a Place

With over 45 years of experience in the early care and education field and a doctorate in education, Dr. Duncan has extensive experience in working with young children and parents, teaching at the university level (doctorate students and early childhood students), PDA specialist for CDA candidates, designing and writing professional development programs for practitioners, and authoring several teacher resource books including Inspiring Spaces for Young Children and Rating Observation Scale for Inspiring Environments (ROSIE). As the former owner of eleven early childhood programs (i.e., well baby clinic, reading diagnostic clinic, park and recreation, programs for special rights children, preschool, and child care) and current owner of eleven before- and after-school programs serving over 1,100 school agers for three public school systems, Dr. Duncan has a wide and varied background in early care and education. Most importantly, she is the proud grandma of Sierra Elizabeth.


Page Dettmann

Dr. Page Dettmann is an award-winning educator and creator of globally-recognized high impact learning designs. For more than 30 years, Dr. Dettmann has refined her thinking and implementation of the principles of dynamic, collaborative inquiry as a district administrator, principal and teacher. Her foremost dedication is enabling deep learning through engaged, curious, and inquiring students. She has been recognized by Microsoft and Texas Instruments, contributes as faculty at the Global Center for College & Career Readiness, and serves as the Chief Education Evangelist for MeTEOR Education.

Dr. Dettmann specializes in connecting high impact instructional practices in high impact learning spaces with elevated levels of engagement, achievement, retention, and attendance. She frequently speaks across the country on student engagement, the science behind learning and environment design, and the integration of learning experiences and environments. Page leads district stakeholder workshops to uncover an instructional vision and long-range goals to guide design of learning spaces. She has a distinctive ability to bring people and ideas together to create organizational alignment around strategic initiatives.

Finally, Dr. Dettmann is among the pioneers using real-time neuro-biological signal to measure student engagement in the classroom.