About the ALEP Commission

The Association for Learning Environments has designated the establishment of an independent commission to create, set policy for, and govern the ALEP program. This commission has authority and responsibility for the ALEP program and has absolute independence from the Association's Board of Directors in the instances of program policy, bestowment of the designation, requirements and qualifications of the program, and all appeals made by candidates seeking the designation.

The ALEP Commission shall consist of representatives of each geographical region of the Association and up to three subject matter experts that are designated by the Commission to serve. The number of Commissioners shall always be an even number and the Chair of the Commission shall be appointed by the Association's Board of Directors, and shall serve with no vote on matters before the Commission except in the case of a tie. All members of the Commission shall be members of the Association for Learning Environments in good standing, and hold the designation of ALEP.

Commissioner Representation Term Expiration
Julia Hawkinson Chair September / October 2022
TBD Australasia
Simon Le’Nepveu Australasia September / October 2020
Greg Monberg Midwest Great Lakes September / October 2021
Rob Pillar Northeast September / October 2020
Brian Carter Pacific Northwest September / October 2022
Edward Peters Pacific Northwest September / October 2020
Dian Paulin Southeast September / October 2020
Gary Armbruster Southern September / October 2020
Marilyn Strube Southwest September / October 2020
David Henebry At Large September / October 2020