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John Kulba Award

The John Kulba Award is the most prestigious award presented by the CEFPI Alberta Chapter. It will be awarded for demonstrated excellence in preparing a plan or strategy that impacts education in Alberta and is relevant to other planners or applicants in other School jurisdictions.


School Projects Exhibition

CEFPI Alberta Chapter Spring Conference 2015  
Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta, March 18th to 20th, 2015

Click here for the application/submission form


Member per project (incl. 2 panels)      $120 CAD

Additional pair of panels (2 max)           $75 CAD


To participate return this registration form, payment and your electronic submission before
March 6, 2015 to:

Jonathan Steel, Architectural Exhibit and Awards Chair c/o IBI Group Architects Engineers
400 - Kensington House
1167 Kensington Crescent NW Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1X7
or phone: 403-270-5600403-270-5600 ext. 532

All projects submitted on display boards will be displayed for the duration of the conference. Two submissions are required for each category before an award will be presented. The project categories are New Construction or Modernization / Addition


March 6, 2015    Registrations and electronic submittal packages due

March 9, 2015    On-line jury process begins

March 12,2015   Displays to be received by Exhibit and Awards Chair.  Note exhibitors  may deliver panels directly to the conference in person.
March 19, 2015  Presentation of awards at awards banquet.


Community Environment
How does your project connect learning to the community, encouraging extended use and partnerships?
Learning Environment
How does your project interpret program elements to meet and/or exceed educators’
Physical Environment
How does your project enhance the educational environment?
How does your planning process deliver more effective and/or innovative results?
Grace Under Pressure
If applicable, how did you respond to an extraordinary constraint?

The jury recognizes that every project may not have all of the criteria present in equal measure. If so, please emphasize those criteria that are pertinent to your submission.



Identify the project category as New Construction or Modernization / Addition.
Provide the project name, city, province, district name, sub consultants, contractor, grades, occupancy date, student capacity, gross building area, site size, and cost (optional).

•   Projects must be completed within the past three years (2012, 2013 or 2014) to be eligible for consideration for an award.
•   Projects must be a K-12 or post-secondary educational environment.
•   Entries acceptable from registered architects and/or owners from Alberta with membership in CEFPI. Submissions will not be accepted from non-members.
Exhibit Format

•  Two (2) - 20" x 20" foam boards per project entry (or other suitable rigid, lightweight material)
•  Each project is to be represented by not more than two (2) boards unless payment has been made for additional boards.
•  Artwork is to be permanently mounted to the foam board, no margins are required, and all edges will be fully exposed.
•  Framed boards, boards other than the prescribed size or of a composition that is susceptible to warp cannot be accommodated.
•  Two (2) Velcro pads (hook side) should be fixed to the back of each board to facilitate mounting to the display system.
•  Graphic presentation is at the discretion of the participating Architect; however the purpose of the Exhibit is to give Conference Attendees a clear understanding of each project. Each display should include:
•     Name of school
•     Location
•     Indicate Entry Category (New or Modernization/Addition)
•     Name of school jurisdiction.
•     Name of architect / engineer(s) /general contractor
•     Student capacity and grades.
•     Area of building
•     Construction cost of building.
•     Tendering process.
•     Major sub-contractors (Mech. & Elec.)
•     A brief statement indicating the educational programs the facility is designed to accommodate, special or unusual program, site or construction problems, facility context, construction systems, design philosophy, or other information demonstrating the uniqueness of the project
•     Visual content including site plan, floor plan(s), sections (if required to explain the solution), photographs (minimum preference of two exterior, two interior)

Packing and Shipping Guidelines

Conference Attendees are responsible for transporting their own display to and from the conference.

Displays are to be at the Conference no later than 6pm, Wednesday, March 18, 2015. In the event that the exhibitor is not attending the Conference entries can be delivered, by noon, Thursday, March 12, 2015, to the offices of:

Jonathan Steel, Architectural Exhibit and Awards Chair c/o IBI Group Architects Engineers
400 - Kensington House
1167 Kensington Crescent NW Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1X7
or phone: 403-270-5600403-270-5600 ext. 532

•  If entries are being couriered to the Architectural Exhibit & Awards Chair, delivery of entries must be prepaid and entries should be adequately protected for delivery to the conference site.
•  Submissions are to be picked up at the conclusion of the conference.
•  Remaining panels will be destroyed unless other arrangements have been made through the Architectural Exhibit and Awards Chair.

Supervision and Services of the Alberta Chapter

•  The Alberta Chapter of the CEFPI reserves the right to assign exhibit space and to withhold from the exhibit entries deemed to be unsuitable for display. Participants are reminded that the exhibit is not a commercial display. Personal solicitation or distribution of promotional literature in the Architectural Exhibit is prohibited.
•  The Alberta Chapter will supervise unpacking and hanging of the exhibits and for dismantling.
•  Adequate general illumination will be provided. No special lighting system will be provided or allowed.
•  Neither the Alberta Chapter nor the exhibit hosts, any officers or staff members will be responsible for the safety of the property of the exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, accident or other causes. Reasonable care to protect the property from such loss will be exercised. Entrants wishing to protect their exhibits beyond the provisions above must do so at their own expense.