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Target's Commitment to Helping
Children Learn

"Breath" created by middle school students from Lyme-Old Lyme who placed second in the 2010 SBW SOF competition for CEFPI & the US EPA

Pre-Conference Sessions

On-line Learning & the Implications for School Design

Greg Stack

"Disrupting Class" predicts the wide and imminent adoption of pervasive on-line learning developed by learners and teachers. More...

Emergent School Design: Biological & Digital Ecosystems in the Design of Educational Environments

Gregory Louviere

Evolution, habitats, and sustainability are but a few well know principles exclusively associated with the domain of biological ecosystems. More...

Introducing Social Media

DK, MediaSnackers

Exploring the evolution of the media landscape using young people as a barometer of change in a fast-paced and illustrative presentation. More...

Urban Facilities Master Planning: Pre-planning the Plan for Success

Frank Locker, Tracy Richter, Robert Hendriks & Nick Salmon

Master planning is the key to ensuring that this takes place. Yet even the best laid master planning can be waylaid by the complex issues facing struggling school districts. More...

Blue Valley Schools: Re-imagining Industry-School Partnerships from Design to Immersion

Steve Turckes, Kevin Greischar, Donna Deeds & David Hill

Local community and industry involvement in planning career preparatory initiatives is crucial for creating relevant programs and spaces. More...

Implementing Social Media

DK, MediaSnackers

The focus is on enabling the attendees to grasp the breadth of social media opportunities, and go deeper into specific tactics relative to them. More...


Road to a Green School District: 10 Stops Along the Way

Donnie Kenneth, USGBC

Your district has implemented a recycling program and your new elementary school will be LEED certified. Now what? More...

Learning for Today: The Interaction Between Pedagogy, Learning Spaces and Technology

Michelle Selinger

Learning design is changing but how much technology requirements which fit with the lives of today's students is taken into account? More...

Curriculum Mapping for School 2.0 – An Essential Planning Tool

Randy Fielding

The message of Web 2.0, that we all actively take charge of our own learning, and that we are not simply information consumers but content creators, turns the traditional classroom-based environment upside down. More...

Career Technical Education's New Role in a Flat World

Andrew Maletz & Michael Dingeldein

To help students stand out among the masses in an increasingly flat world, career-technical high schools are reimaging the way they deliver education. More...

Facilities for Students With Emotional & Behavioral Challenges

Amy Yurko & Jerry Sjolander

Practice and research on education and learning throughout the ages broadly agree that children learn in many different ways. More...

The OAN Classroom Competition: Collaborating with Students to Design the Classroom of the Future

Robert Winstead & Shannon Buerk

The 2009 Open Architecture Challenge was to work with students and educators to design a classroom of the future. SHW Group teamed with ARUP, Cambridge Strategic Services and the students of Napa New Tech High School to design a learning environment tailored to the needs of 21st Century learners. More...

Creating School Facilities That Enhance the Learning Environment

Don Gilmore (facilitator), Larry Matsuda & Sue Robertson

The Seattle Public Schools Building Excellence Program (BEX) panel will discuss the Seattle Schools Design Process which is a successful collaboration-based/consensus decision making school design model. More...

Benchmarking Your Schools: The CHPS Operations Report Card

Nicholas Semon

The Operations Report Card (ORC) is a new program from the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) that aims to make all existing schools high performance schools. More...

ENERGY STAR and Green Building Rating Systems for K-12 Schools

Katie Hatcher & Kudret Utebay

The U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR® program helps organizations meet requirements for green building rating systems including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), Green Globes, and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS). More...

Utilizing Social Media for Learning

Donald Pender (moderator), Rochelle Veturis & Kimberly Coffeen

In a time when it is commonplace for people to turn to the internet for information, inspiration, entertainment and conversation, it has become more important than ever to project an online presence, that reaches out to and empowers new and existing user groups. More...

Clicks and Bricks

Ewan McIntosh

We spend billions of dollars knocking down, building, rebuilding and refurbishing our school buildings, with mixed results: some are ingenious environments for learning, others don't seem to have moved much on from the spreadsheet layout used to calculate the cost per meter/square foot per learner. More...

The Immersive LearningScape: Transposing Knowledge...Learning Globally, Applying Locally

Tomas Eliaeson & Charles Todd

In an increasingly flattening world, a heightened focus on providing an outstanding 21st century education will be the differentiator in how we compete at the global scale. More...

School of One: Transforming the American Classroom, One Student at a Time

John Pfluger & John Weekes

"Over the last half-century, virtually every major American industry has evolved to exploit new technologies – except public education. School of One reverses that trend by creating a 21st century classroom to meet the individual needs and learning styles of every student." NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. More...

Building Sustainable Schools: Grid Neutral & the Green Code in California

CA State Architect David Thorman

Under the Schwarzenegger administration, California has strived to lead the charge on incorporating green concepts into the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of California's public schools and community colleges. More...

Exploring Learning Spaces & Places: the Photo Interview

Cynthia Uline & Thomas Wolsey

We know that personal and social learning spaces interact in ways that improve school climate and promote achievement. Technology often mediates both personal and social learning environments in the 21st century. More...

Behind the Scenes: How Schools Initiate and Prepare for Learning Space Change

David Jakes

In this session, step into the "behind the scenes" conversations that are required to get a school community ready to rethink how space is allocated for learning. More...

High Tech & High Touch From the Student's Perspective: A Career Focused Small Learning Community Reaches Our Around the World to Make Personal Connections

Sandy Kate & Jeff Ordway

While businesses discuss how to survive in a global market, there are students in urban districts that struggle with just surviving a day on campus without getting beaten or killed. More...

Education's Adjustment to the New Economy

Rob Barthelman & Bill Draa

The way institutions deliver education is changing in ways we have yet to discern the outcome. More...

Joint Use Schools: Policies and Tools for Effective Partnerships

Jeffrey Vincent

Focusing on community use of school buildings and grounds, session attendees will discuss current trends in "joint use" and learn about new research-based tools available to support local implementation. More...

Net Zero Middle School

Scott Layne

Imagine a school in which the building produces as much energy as it consumes through efficiency technologies and on-site power generation. More...

The World is NOT Flat: Embracing the Complexity of a Spiky World & Design Change in Education

Trung Le & Sarah Elizabeth Ippel

More than half of the human race lives in cities. This figure will rise to 70% by the year 2050. The Atlantic Monthly cites the statistic that together New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston have a bigger economy than all of China. More...

Extreme School Makeover: New Tech Edition

Chris Walsh

Since 1996, New Tech High Schools have served as a model for 21st century learning. More...

Architecture for Autistic Learning Environments

Stephanie de Raynal & Karen Kennan

The Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE) provides services to local districts for the education of autistic students. More...

Government & Private Enterprise – A Model Partnership Delivering Outstanding Schools

Mick Ross

Attendees will learn about the successful 9 year partnership between the Education Department in Victoria, Australian and Arup, their external Program Manager, in managing the design and procurement of the State's education facilities program. More...

Learning in a Flat World Panel

Facilitator: Tony Wagner

  • Jeff O'Hara, co-founder of Edmodo, a 'free' social media network/platform that schools can adopt (rather than using Twitter, Facebook, etc with their kids)
  • Ewan McIntosh, one of our workshop presenters, who is one of the leading mobile tech (for education) leaders in Europe.
  • Chris Walsh, Director of Innovation and Design at New Tech Network.


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