Director, Facilities Services

Type: Job Available
Submitter: Joseph Ranaldi, AIA
Location: Seminole County, Florida
Posted: 2017/Aug/17 03:28
Description: S E M I N O L E C O U N T Y P U B L I C S C H O O L S , F L O R I D A P o s i t i o n / J o b D e s c r i p t i o n: DIRECTOR, Facilities Services Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S • Master's Degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, Facilities Planning, Educational Administration, OR • Bachelor's Degree and five (5) years of management experience related to facilities plant design, construction, maintenance, and physical plant operation. K N O W L E D G E , S K I L L S , A B I L I T I E S • Knowledge of organizational and management theory and practices. • Ability to work and communicate effectively with people to strategically focus resources toward the achievement of District goals and objectives. • Ability to identify and implement needed changes in an organization. • Ability to provide effective customer service in difficult situations. • Ability to interpret, develop, translate, and manage contracts. • Knowledge in budgeting, financial modeling, planning, and scheduling. • Computer oriented (Microsoft Office) and have a good technical background in facilities management. • Possess skills to prepare detailed reports, organize work efforts, analyze and establish control systems, and good communication skills in written form and oral presentations. • Knowledge of Florida law as it pertains to plant operations, maintenance, environmental regulations, and safety procedures. S U P E R V I S I O N REPORTS TO Executive Director for Operations SUPERVISES All Facilities Services Personnel P O S I T I O N G O A L To ensure that the operation and maintenance of the physical plant is accomplished in an efficient, safe, and effective manner which best supports the educational process and needs of the District's students, faculty, and administration. P E R F O R M A N C E R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S 1. Model a professional code of ethics and values. 2. Respond to internal and external customers in a timely, accurate, courteous, and thorough manner. 3. Direct and supervise the examination of the District's school facilities on a regular basis for needed repairs and maintenance. 4. Direct the estimating, scheduling, and priority assignments of Department resources in maintaining the District's physical plant. 5. Provide the technical and administrative support to all Department personnel so that they can accomplish their assigned duties. 6. Direct the inspection and quality assurance of services performed by the Department, contractors, and consultants which have an impact upon the District's physical plant. 7. Provide technical and administrative assistance to consultants and contracts providing design, construction, and maintenance services to the District. 8. Oversee the recruitment, screening, and selection of Facilities Services personnel. 9. Develop the Department budget and assist with developing the District’s Capital Improvement Plan. 10. Plan and develop required reports and maintain timely and accurate information to determine Department resource allocations and scheduling. 11. Consult with District Administration in planning and developing a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program. 12. Develop leadership in subordinates. 13. Assist with the screening and selection of consultants to perform professional technical services for the District. 14. Provide for the proper maintenance of personnel and administrative records for all Facilities Services personnel. 15. Responsible for continual personal development and keeping up to date on current research, trends, and best practices relevant to area of responsibility. 16. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director for Operations. T E R M S O F E M P L O Y M E N T PAY GRADE $87,790 - $134,668 REFERENCE SEMINOLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS, FLORIDA DISTRICT WEBSITE FOR FULL JOB DESCRIPTION
Contact: Glenda Ross 407-320-0071

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