Assistant Environmental, Safety & Assessment Director

Type: Job Available
Submitter: Cynthia Flores
Location: Reno, NV
Posted: 2017/Jul/20 02:55
Description: In the directorís absence or as assigned identifying all actions or resources needed for the District to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements associated with Federal, State, and Local mandated programs for all District Environmental, Safety, and Assessment activities. These include, but are not limited to, the following programs and equipment: All facilities related OSHA regulations compliance, The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Federal Underground Storage Tanks (UST) regulations, water system back flow prevention regulations, fire sprinkler and suppression systems, fire alarm systems, elevators, grease traps and interceptors, water systems regulations, hazardous waste and storage regulations, lead regulations, or other facilities related Environmental and Safety regulations as required. By federal and local regulation, the District must inform by way of issuing a Material Disturbance Permit (MDP) to prospective contractors with information regarding the absence or presence of hazardous building materials that contain asbestos and lead. The Assistant Environmental, Safety, and Assessment Director will be responsible for performing all activities for the issuance of MDPís for all Bond funded projects. This position, plans, coordinates, administers, schedules, and manages all activates required to research and identify the presence of such materials, and provide regulatory direction on construction, maintenance, and/or repair projects. Determines any environmental or safety concerns, or impacts of projects, to ensure the District and contractors comply with all Environmental and Safety regulations to ensure a safe environment is maintained in all facilities. Reviews construction plans, specifications, and issues the Districtís Material Disturbance Permits (MDPís) which identifies the proper way to disturb the Districtís regulated materials and systems for all hired contractor completed projects. In the directorís absence or as assigned, directs and coordinates from a regulatory compliance standpoint, with Facilities Management department workers, to ensure that regulated materials and systems are not disturbed or incorrectly handled. Meets with Architects, Engineers and planning staff to assure renovation and repair project with MDPís
Contact: Cynthia Flores

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